By Special Invitation Only

Dear Reader,

The firms you're going to hear about in this briefing are some of the smallest publically traded companies in the stock market.

So there are two important things you should know right up front:

  1. Stocks that trade for less than $1 a share come with some special risks; and
  2. Not all companies of this size pan out. To be sure, many penny stocks are penny stocks for a reason…

That said, we believe your odds of success in this powerful universe have just been greatly increased…

Odds of finding companies like Abraxas Petroleum Corp., which soared from 65 cents all the way to $5.87 – an 803% gain in a little more than two years.

And Samson Oil & Gas – a tiny company with attractive oil properties in North Dakota, New Mexico, Wyoming and Texas.

It skyrocketed from 28 cents a share to $4.00 in less than a year… for an eye-popping 1,328% gain.

You could have made a $6,000 investment and, in about 14 months, walked away with as much as $80,000 in cash.

And companies like Miller Energy Resources, another tiny company with oil and gas wells in Appalachia. It shot up from 15 cents a share to $8.02 on the heels of rising oil prices.

That's a 5,246% return.

Just imagine…

If you had plopped down $10,000 on Miller Energy Resources and forgotten about it, you could have woken up two years later with an extra $524,600.

There are very few opportunities – anywhere – that hand you even the possibility of seeing gains like these.

The best part is, you don't have to risk a lot to make a lot…

Chances at Making up to $50,000
with a Modest $1,000 Investment

Hundreds of regular people have made very handsome gains in this special piece of the market… just by putting $1,000 to $5,000 into one or two of these little stocks.

That's all it takes.

Acorn Energy (ACFN), for example, was selling for just $1.35 a share in late 2008. By April of 2012, it had gone all the way to $12.09. A $1,000 investment would have risen to $8,950, less commissions.

There have been a lot of other micro energy stocks that made people handsome profits.

Coastal Energy, for example, jumped from $3.25 a share in 2010 to $18.98 today.

And Cheniere Energy – a company Kent still loves – was once a micro-cap gem, too… before it climbed 512%.  

Here's my point: Even if you missed 9 out of 10, you still would have ended up with a sizable pile of cash.

With Kodiak Oil & Gas, a $5,000 investment in 2009, when it was selling for 19 cents a share, would be worth $248,157 today.

Stone Energy and Legacy Oil & Gas could have given you similar life-enhancing returns on your money.

Of course, you know the other side to this…

These are highly volatile stocks. They bounce up and down like a Yo-Yo. For every one big winner, there can be three or four losers.

But experienced energy players who know what they're doing can make incredible money on stocks like these.

Like hedge fund traders, small-cap energy players don't need a very high percentage of winners to outperform the market by a sizable amount.

With strict money management guidelines, you can quickly close out a loser and let your triple-digit winners run.

Again, it just takes one to hit it big.

And now, for the first time, you'll know exactly which ones are most likely to soar…

A Top Secret Dossier
of Micro Energy Stocks

I'm Alex Williams, the Associate Publisher here at Money Map Press.

I work closely with Dr. Kent Moors, who edits our Energy Advantage and Energy Inner Circle research services.

As most of our readers know, Kent is one of the world's leading authorities on energy and energy investing. He's a former professor and scholar in residence at the Institute for Energy and the Environment at Duquesne University, and a consultant to six of the world's top 10 oil producers.

He's also been an adviser to 20 world governments, including the U.S., Russia and China. And he advises numerous corporations, too, including the Bank of England, AT&T and the Russian Central Bank.

Kent knows the most important people in the industry – the world's biggest buyers and sellers of energy… and the policymakers who make the rules.

But what many people didn't know is that Kent had been compiling a detailed dossier of micro energy stocks that he didn't share with anyone – not with subscribers in his newsletters, not even with members of his elite energy research service.

The reason why is obvious.

These are very thinly traded stocks that can frequently take off like a rocket overnight simply on rumors.

They are also not suitable for the portfolios of most ordinary market players.

Many of them double, sometimes even triple your money in a week… but some go nowhere and some even lose money.

Phenomenal Shares…
for Less than $1 Apiece

We've known about Kent's dossier of micro energy shares for years.

You see, at least once a week, Kent would call to tell me about another opportunity he discovered.

He'd tell me about a brand-new company with cutting edge drill bits, for example – bits that could significantly improve production on every rig in North America.

Or he'd tell me about a company's lucrative new oil find… or its ability to reduce costs at the wellhead… or about the size of the totally untapped market it's about to exploit.

And each time, I'd ask: "When can we get the alert out to readers?"

"Well," he'd invariably reply, "here's the thing…"

These companies are almost all tiny, usually trading at less than $1 a share. And their market caps are miniscule – often less than $100 million.

That means they're too small to recommend to Kent's entire readership. They're just not liquid enough.

And it was a shame.

The potential gains of these micro energy shares are phenomenal – 100%, 200%, sometimes even 400% or more.

I just couldn't stand by and let these opportunities for huge gains go to waste. They're too good.

So in late 2011, I talked Kent into doing a VIP micro-energy seminar for a small, elite group of subscribers to his research services.

We decided to hold the seminar on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. The cost was $5,000, not counting the cost of the cruise.

The ground rules were simple: Kent would teach 30 people how to get into micro energy stocks… but only if they promised not to share the recommendations with anyone else.

It was hush-hush. Nothing was recorded.

Kent prepared a model portfolio of recommendations during the seminar and then agreed to follow up with this tiny group each week. His emails would include all of the buy and sell recommendations.

This was important.

You see, these are not the kind of stock opportunities you can buy and forget about.

You have to follow them closely… and sell at just the right moment.

Looking back today, I couldn't be more thrilled with the results…

A Wave of Triple-Digit Wins

In the first three months, five stocks Kent recommended went down a small amount before being stopped out.

His strict money management rules kept the losses to a minimum.

Those same rules, however, allowed the winners to run wild.

Five of his recommendations ran up by triple digits.

The first one – a 178% win – took just six days…

It started on September 30, 2011, when Kent sent his first follow-up email to the seminar attendees.

In that email, he recommended a micro-cap stock called Ener1Inc (NasdaqGS:HEV), when it was selling for just 14 cents a share.

You could have picked up 3,571 shares for just $500.

It would have been a good move, too…

This tiny development company pioneered lithium battery and rechargeable battery technology… and applications in both the U.S. and South Korea.

It had recently been involved in a mega management battle that resulted in several lawsuits and a decline of 88% in share value since August 8 of 2011.

But Kent followed this company closely… and knew that it had the potential to skyrocket on any whiff of good news.

And on September 30th, we got some.

The stock shot up 33% in a day following the announcement that CEO and board Chair Charles Gassenheimer has been fired and replaced by Chris Cowger, the company's former president and previous vice president for Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (NYSE:AMD).

Cowger was a good choice to lead the company back into production. And Kent felt that there would be a short-term rise on a stock with relatively high daily trading volume – in excess of 2 million shares.

He was right on the money.

A week later, the stock had shot up to $0.39 a share – and Kent closed the position for a 178% gain. Again, it took just 6 days.

And get this…

Five out of the six stocks he recommended in that same email doubled – and in a few cases, nearly tripled.

Bering Exploration Inc. (OTC:BERX) was one of them.

It's an "ultra-micro," with a market cap of just $2.5 million.

The company takes minority positions in projects and has operating oil and gas well interests in Texas and Louisiana, along with some development prospects in the Eagle Ford deep shale gas play in southern Texas.

The cruise seminar participants were able to pick up shares for 8 cents apiece.

When the stock shot up to 15 cents, Kent recommended selling half of the position for an 87% gain in 11 days… and then, when the rest of the shares hit 19 cents, he recommended selling the balance for a 132% gain in 25 days.

Remember, these are stocks – not options.

High Plains Gas Inc. (OTC:HPGS) is also an ultra-micro, worth a total of $12 million.

It has interests in more than 1,600 North and South Fairway wells, seven Powder River Basin wells, and 57 other wells, primarily in Wyoming.

The company popped 66% on the day Kent recommended it (to 10 cents!) following its announcement that it had brought its Fitch fields back into production.

In short, subscribers bought the shares for a dime and sold half of them in 52 days at a quarter a share. The total gain was 150%.

Same thing with Ram Energy Resources Inc. (NasdaqGM:RAM)…

This one's a micro-cap oil company with interests in the Electra/Burkburnett fields located in Wichita and Wilbarger County, Texas, as well as other fields in Oklahoma and Louisiana.

When Kent recommended it, the stock was selling for 76 cents a share.

When it hit $2.01, a few days before Christmas, he recommended to the VIP seminar group to sell half their shares for a 164.5% gain in 83 days.

The size and the consistency of the gains have been flat-out amazing. And we'll look at a few more of them in a minute.

I'll also show you why today is a very important day for you… and for everyone else who received access to this briefing. You have an opportunity to do something special today… and extremely powerful.

But first let's look ahead, and take a peek at the micro energy shares Kent's tracking now.

A Tiny "Pick and Shovel" Play
with Homerun Potential

The first firm is one of the earliest "links" in the oil and gas profit chain…

That's why you'll never hear about it on the nightly news. It operates behind the scenes.

Yet without this company's "fracking" services, a well would be nothing more than an expensive hole in the ground.

"Pick and shovel" plays like these are making an absolute fortune right now.  

You see, a working well is a massive array of parts and machinery.

Take a look…

This is only a portion of what a small fracking operation looks like.

And the company Kent has identified is quickly becoming one of the industry's most important players, thanks to its revolutionary new fracking fluid.

It's "green"… it's patented… it dramatically improves the productivity of oil and gas wells…

And it's set to triple sales.

It's so effective, in fact, that big companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger are already starting to ask for it by name. Yet, nobody outside of the business has ever heard of it.

Not yet, anyway.

That's why Kent says "it's time to move."

Here's another one you can jump on…

Buy Into this "Hidden Bull Market"
for Less Than $9 a Share

This is another tiny company, with a market cap of just $158 million. But it's hardly your average micro-cap stock.

It's part of a hidden bull market in hydrogen fuel cell stocks – one that's gone completely unnoticed.

These shares – as a group – jumped on average 131% last year.

That's almost 4.5 times what the S&P delivered in 2013… one of its best years ever.

And the pros completely missed it.

Not Kent.

He nailed one of this bull market's biggest winners, Plug Power, for a 127% gain.  

Now he's ready to do it all over again…

And get this…

The company Kent identified is also one of the worldwide leaders in cheaper… cleaner… and safer natural gas technology for cars and trucks.

And just four weeks ago their cutting edge fuel tank technology received U.N. approval to be sold worldwide.

Now sales are expected to jump by 100% this year… and another 100% next year.

But here's the amazing part of the story for investors. Today, it trades for as little as $8.30 a share.

So how high could it go?

Well, a little over three years ago, this micro-cap was selling for $42.00 a share. If it only gains back half of that ground, investors are looking at an easy 203.01% gain.

And here's another great one…

A Micro Nat-Gas Rocket for Just $6 a Share

This play involves the best-positioned producer in the Marcellus Shale, one of the hottest basins in entire the country.

In fact, if the Marcellus Shale were a country, it would rank 8th in the world in terms of natural gas production, producing more than Saudi Arabia.

And the tiny company Kent likes is right in the middle of this boom with 75,500 acres in some of the area's biggest hotspots.

So get ready to move on this one, too.

With a market cap of just $324 million, this fast-growing firm already has 41 employees.

And it's still trading for less than $6.00 a share.

That's a tiny fraction of what the stock could fetch a year from now.

How can Kent be so sure?

In the highly volatile, "long shot" universe of micro-energy penny stocks, how has he been so spectacularly successful?

A Unique Ability to Find Triple-Digit Winners

There's a big difference between established cash cows like Halliburton and Valero and the tiny "hopefuls" Kent tracks in his secret dossier.

But his success is not an accident.

The truth is, when it comes to the micro-energy space, you've got to know where real potential cash flow is hiding – and that's where Kent's background really pays off.

You see, you have to know a number of things large-cap analysts don't fully understand, only because they don't have to fully understand them – not when they're covering companies with billions in diversified revenue.

For one thing, the difference between success and failure for companies this small is often just a single deal, a single agreement or a single technological breakthrough.

In almost every case, their ability to get that one deal done – or that one contract signed – is impacted by much more than supply and demand factors.

You have to know the history behind these companies and the history of the executives who formed them.

You have to know where the company stands in terms of its life cycle.

You have to know the politics of the states in which each company operates.

And you have to know, especially with companies introducing new technologies, whether someone like Schlumberger is standing in their way.

Kent knows all this.

He's been in the industry, at every level, for more than 31 years now. He understands what it takes to get tiny energy companies off the ground.

Most importantly, he understands the money.

Small-company financing is a "delicate dance."

If a young oil producer needs cash, for example, what's the best way for them to get it?

Well, Kent would say, it depends.

They have a number of choices…

Secondary offerings, warrants, preferreds, interest-bearing paper, a new line of credit, a blend of two or more of these actions…

Or, Kent's favorite, a joint venture, which brings a third, outside party to the game.

But again, it all depends on the situation. And whatever the companies decide, Kent will know if it's a good deal… or a bad one.

Obviously, for legal reasons, he can't talk about any company with which he has a consultant relationship… but because he knows the process and most of the key players in the various states, Kent has a built-in understanding of what's real and what's not.

He can instantly see when a company has a real breakthrough on the horizon, and how likely a given roadblock can be overcome.

He knows who might benefit from the deal, and which big players might help or hinder the process.

In short…

What Kent brings to the table is a unique understanding of how deals get done. That explains his track record.

In 2011, all of the closed positions in this micro energy portfolio, winners and losers, averaged a 48.7% gain overall.

And here's what's truly amazing…

These Enormous Gains Just Kept Rollin' In

Kent's track record in 2012 was even more spectacular than it was in 2011, with his biggest winner over an extraordinary 400%.

Some of his recommendations bagged gains as high as 421% and 305% on one position, 239.93% and 208.58% on another, 209.21% on a third, 100% on a fourth and 97.80% on another.

But it didn't end there… not by a long shot.

In 2013, Kent's reader's took home 19 triple- or double-digit winners… including gains of 198%, 152%, and 139%.

And in just the last 30 days alone…

Kent is a perfect 4-0, including gains of 127% and 106%.

So, here's the reason I'm reaching out to you today.

Word of our VIP cruise seminar has gotten out, and I've been getting a lot of pressure from subscribers to let more people in to Kent's research service – anyone who wants access.

But I simply can't do that.

As I said earlier, these are penny stocks. And while we get many triple-digit winners, some end up with losses.

Also, they are very thinly traded. If Kent wrote about these stocks in his Energy Advantage newsletter, or even in his Energy Inner Circle trading service, it would be difficult for the market to handle the excess volume.

After thinking about it, however, we've decided to compromise.

Kent agreed to limit it to a total of just 500 subscribers.

Those who received access to this briefing today can lock in one of those slots right now.

I'll show you how to do that in a minute.

But first, let me be totally up front.

The price for Kent's service is not low.

The 30 members who attended Kent's private cruise seminar paid $5,000 to be there, not including the cost of the trip.

I have, however, arranged to bring the cost down significantly for the people who become Charter Members today, as you'll see.

This will be a small group. But we believe it's the best way to balance the desire for Kent's micro-cap recommendations with his ability to deliver an effective service.

So here's everything your Charter Membership includes…

"Micro Energy Wealth"

The moment you join, the first thing you'll get is Kent's brand-new special report with all of his current micro energy recommendations. It's called "Micro Energy Wealth."

This no-nonsense, plain-English guide reveals why these small energy companies offer realistic opportunities to multiply your wealth many times over.

Here are a few of the firms it covers in detail:

  • The "Pick and Shovels" play that just developed the patented "green" fracking fluid that companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger are already starting to ask for by name, which is why sales are set to triple.
  • The hydrogen fuel cell maker set to revolutionize an industry already growing 4.5 times faster than the rest of Corporate America… and preparing to double its manufacturing capacity to keep up with skyrocketing demand.
  • You'll also learn about one of the industry's fastest-growing up-and-comers, where 41 hard-working Americans are "making it happen" on more than 75,000 acres of the country's most promising land.
  • And you'll also get the details on a crude oil tanker player that is up 84.6% in the last twelve months and is probably headed much higher.

Then, the serious money-making benefits begin…

SWINGING FOR THE BLEACHERS: Micro Energy Trader is definitely a "swing for the bleachers" type of service. You're going to get opportunities to take small amounts of money (say, $1,000 to $5,000) and turn them into $20,000 or $50,000. Occasionally, we'll only get to second or third base, and sometimes we'll get thrown out at first. But we're going for the homeruns, like Kodiak Oil & Gas… an extraordinary opportunity that turned every $5,000 into $244,736 in just three years.

ONGOING NEW RECOMMENDATIONS: In addition to the current model portfolio, you get ongoing new recommendations for the next 12 months. Kent typically offers one trade recommendation a week – sometimes less, sometimes more – via email. His recommendations will be picked from the entire landscape of the micro energy universe, wherever there's a potential fortune to be made.

WHEN TO TAKE GAINS: Unlike many research services, Kent will tell you precisely when you'll have the chance to lock-in gains in all of his recommendations. This is usually a multi-stage process. When he recommends an exit on a successful play, he'll normally suggest closing it out in increments. For example, if Kent recommended a micro energy stock that has soared over the past few months in his model portfolio, he'll suggest you sell perhaps a quarter of the position one week… wait a week, then sell another quarter. I can't tell you how many times I've seen Kent double the gains by doing things this way. Just when you think the move is over, another round of gains can pile up. As a result, Kent will send you follow-up emails, as many as necessary, with specific recommendations on when to get in, when to get out, and when to "hang tight."

RISK MANAGEMENT: Kent will encourage you to cut a loss early. He places trailing stops on all of his recommendations. This way you'll always know exactly how much money you have at risk… and you'll also know exactly when to get out, if necessary.

LETTING WINNERS RUN: The flip side of this, however, is to not get out too soon if you're riding a big winner. This is how Kent's able to record such big gains, like the 11 triple-digit winners seminar attendees have had a chance to lock in over the past year.

ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS: Finally, you get ongoing answers to your questions. With this premium research service, you can call or email our member services team at any time. You can even pose your questions directly to Kent. He can't provide personalized investment advice, of course. But he can send the answers to your general questions to our small group of Charter Members. That means you'll also benefit from the questions of others.

Now, there's one thing you should know:

Kent's track record is phenomenal. But there's no guarantee that every one of his recommendations will soar. Again, some may even lose a little bit of money.

But perhaps the best thing about Kent's new research service is that you can start small.

Even a $500 investment, as you've seen, can pay off big.

As you gain confidence that the trade recommendations stand to produce significant gains, you can begin to slowly make bigger and bigger investments if you choose to… and then build up your account. Or you can keep making smaller investments. You can even choose to not play at all. Whatever you're comfortable with.

How much you put in is always up to you.

And we're making it as easy as possible to start…

Lock In the Highly Discounted
"Charter Membership" Rate Today
(Limited to 500 Subscribers)

As I said earlier, these micro energy stocks are very thinly traded. We simply can't have too many subscribers rushing to get in (or out) at once.

So we have to limit this service to 500 subscribers or we can't do it at all. And once all of the 500 slots are taken, that's it. You can get on the waiting list, but that means you'll have to wait until someone leaves before you can get in.

You'll probably pay more, too.

You see, joining today not only gives you immediate access to Kent's micro energy recommendations…

It also locks in the highly discounted Charter Membership rate.

Remember, those who got access to these opportunities on the private cruise paid $5,000, not including the cost of the trip.

But when you join today as a Charter Member, using the link below, you'll get a very special deal.

You'll get more than HALF OFF – and pay just $2,495 for a full a year of Kent's top micro energy picks.

That's a spectacular deal, given the exclusivity of this group… and considering you could easily recoup the total cost with just one play. And the deal won't last long.

There's a chance all the remaining slots will be taken by tomorrow.

And the rate could move back up to $5,000 a year… even for people on the waiting list.

Now, I know this research service is not inexpensive.

But we do want to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

So here's what Kent agreed to do…

Test Drive Kent's Micro Energy Trader
100% Risk-Free for the Next 30 Days

This is an exclusive, high-end research service geared toward people who want to take advantage of the huge gains potential micro energy stocks offer… and for those who understand the risks. But Kent decided to create a unique guarantee that, to me, is a no-brainer.

Click on the link below to secure one of the remaining Charter Memberships today, just to make sure you get in… and you'll be able to test drive his Micro Energy Trader for 30 days. You can get in on the opportunities with real money or just "paper trade" them, to see how they do.

If you decide it's not for you, just give us a call within 30 days, and we'll refund your entire subscription fee – 100% of it – no questions asked.

We'll give you your money back even if you don't follow ANY of Kent's trading recommendations.

Again, we realize that Micro Energy Trader may strike some people as a bit pricey. But to be brutally honest, this research service is designed solely for people who are interested in making serious gains consistently – like the 178% we saw in just 6 days with Ener1Inc… or the 132% gains we made in 20 days on Bering Exploration.

That said, with a 30-day money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose by locking in one of the Charter Memberships right now.

Sooner the better…

Some of the micro energy shares Kent has recommended are surging fast. One is already up 130%. Another is up 120%. And yet another is up 74.25%.

And wait until you see all of the other companies he's tracking now.

No guarantees, but here's a sampling…

  • An ultra-micro fuel cell company, currently selling for a buck, with a new high-power zinc-air battery. The company has been contracted by the military and police units worldwide.
  • A clean coal company you can get into for just 12 cents a share (10,000 shares for just $1,200) that could double, even triple overnight.
  • A Canadian ultra-micro, selling for 24 cents a share, this one's acquiring new technologies in alternative energy and greenhouse gas reduction developed at the University of British Columbia's Clean Energy Research Centre and that is already up 84% in a month.
  • A small cap that has recently moved up in market cap (to $1.3 billion) specializing in portable compressors required for shale gas projects (they get rich selling the picks and shovels to the miners).
  • A rapidly expanding micro ($159 million) coal holding, selling for only $3.50 a share, that sells a billion dollars' worth of coal through its eight separate mining operations.

That's just to name just a few.

And based on Kent's success rate, the gains on these micro energy shares could be substantial, and could be made quickly.

Some of Kent's biggest winners, such as the 178% gains his VIP subscribers had the opportunity to bank on Ener1, came in a matter of a few weeks.

But remember…

To gain access to his recommendations, you have to act now – especially if you want to lock in one of the remaining Charter Memberships. Just click on the link below to review the details.

This is a rare chance to get in on Kent's very best micro energy picks.

Right now, only a limited number of people have ever seen them. And their special access has paid off in spades.

And this is your chance to join them.

I hope you take it.

Based on the high demand for this service, it may also be your last chance.

Sincerest regards,

Alex Williams' signature

Alex Williams
Associate Publisher
Money Map Press
February 2014

P.S. Remember, as a charter subscriber, you can join Kent for a full 50% off the regular price of $5,000 a year (you pay only $2,495) with an iron-clad 30-day money-back guarantee. Call 855.509.6600 (or 410.622.3004 for international callers) right now to test drive his new Micro Energy Trader, and mention Priority Code WMETQ205. Once all 500 slots are reserved, that's it – you'll have to wait until an opening is available and then likely pay double the charter subscription. The more money Kent's readers have a chance to make, the longer you're likely to wait.

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