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Four Back-Door Plays That Could Make You a Total of 1,329%
BEFORE the Biggest IPO in History Goes Public

(Please review the transcript from today’s discussion between Money Morning’s Executive Editor, Bill Patalon, and the world’s leading energy expert, Dr. Kent Moors)


Bill Patalon

Hello, I’m Bill Patalon, the founding executive editor of Money Morning, and I want to welcome you to this $2 Trillion IPO Mega-Wealth Summit.

Today, we’re going to reveal one of the most spectacular wealth-building opportunities of our lifetimes.

The most profitable company on the planet is about to go public.

In fact, it could happen any day now…

And mark my words: This will be a historic event…

We’re talking about what’s bound to be the single biggest IPO in history, creating a record-breaking cash grab unlike anything ever seen.

To give you some scale – and show you just how huge everyone expects this event will be…

On your screen are the four biggest U.S. IPOs ever witnessed up to now:

The biggest, Alibaba, has gone up 118% since it went public…

Next up… Visa has soared 685%…

GM went up a modest 35%…

And Facebook skyrocketed 405%.

Altogether, these four companies created over $1 trillion in new wealth after their IPO.

Yet this upcoming IPO is expected to almost double that amount…

Instantly unleashing a $2 trillion windfall… all from a single company!

Make no mistake: This once-in-a-lifetime IPO will bring record-breaking profits to investors.

It’s as close as a sure thing as you’ll ever get…

That’s because this company isn’t some barely known startup out of Silicon Valley everyone’s merely hoping will make money someday.

This is an already-established mega-firm whose product is critical to every aspect of the global economy.

From where people live… to where they work… to industry… transportation… manufacturing… everything.

And they’re already banking an unfathomable $180 billion in profit per year…

That’s an astounding four times more than Apple… seven and a half times more than Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway… and nearly 10 times more than Google.

Of course, there’s a good reason why this company is so valuable:

It has unfettered access to the most sought-after commodity on the planet.

I’m talking about 265 BILLION barrels of oil – enough to power every American car, truck, ship, and airliner for the next 36 years.

Its oil reserves alone make this company worth more than Exxon, Shell, Chevron, and BP – combined. In other words, to have a company of this size suddenly go public… willing to share their enormous wealth with the world – well, this is every investor’s dream come true.

We expect a minimum of $2 trillion in cash to instantly flood the markets.

And during today’s $2 Trillion Mega-Wealth Summit our mission is to show YOU personally a back-door way to grab a piece of this historic windfall.

Joining me right now to discuss exactly that is Dr. Kent Moors… who is not only one of the world’s leading energy experts…

He’s also America’s leading authority on the very company that’s about to IPO.

In fact, as a high-paid consultant for OPEC… the International Energy Agency… 27 world governments… and numerous members of the Fortune 500… including 6 of the 10 largest companies in the world… Kent has actually met personally with many of the movers and shakers behind this IPO we’re going to reveal here today.

In other words, today you’ll be hearing directly from a bona-fide insider… bringing us expert analysis that you just can’t get anywhere else about this historic IPO.

Now folks, listen closely to this amazing story…

During Kent’s recent travels meeting with large-holding private investment groups in Rio De Janeiro, Milan, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, and Paris, Kent uncovered information about this upcoming IPO that will blow your mind.

You see, normally, with an IPO of this magnitude, only the most well-connected get to pocket the biggest, life-changing profits.

I’m talking about company executives… and their fat-cat friends… investment bankers… hedge fund types…

These are the guys who clean up on IPOs – by hoarding the ground-floor lowest-priced shares…

While regular retail investors get left holding the scraps…

But Kent is here today to reveal some very big opportunities… ways for you to get around all that with a very lucrative back-door way to play this historic IPO.

In fact, he’s going to show you… how to leapfrog over the big-wig insiders… and make a fast fortune thanks to this IPO – before it ever takes place!

By his estimation – you could end up with a life-changing, combined 1,329% payday with this back-door play on the biggest IPO in history.

So let’s not waste any more time.

Kent, thank you so much for joining us today.

Dr. Kent Moors


Always a pleasure, Bill.


Kent, as I just mentioned, as the world’s foremost energy consultant, you travel around the world quite a bit… meeting with large-holding private investment groups, world governments, and Fortune 500 companies.

So, if anything big is about to happen in energy anywhere in the world, I think it’s safe to say that you’ll know about it first… and with great detail.

In fact, correct me if I’m wrong…

You just came back from London, from a closed-door meeting at Windsor Castle with the world’s most important energy experts, held under the Queen of England’s royal charter, right?


That is correct, Bill. I just got back.


Wow – that’s incredible. From the Queen of England’s castle to speaking to me here in Baltimore.

So, I have to ask… what is everyone in your esteemed inner circle saying about this historic IPO – can you share some recent developments?


Well Bill, the obligatory Chatham House Rule require absolute secrecy. No email. No cell phones. No outside communications.

And I can’t tell you the names of the people who were there at the castle, or what we discussed.

But what I can tell you, based on all information floating around in the market, is this:

This IPO is going to be even more dramatic than anyone ever anticipated.

It’s the elephant in the room – the single biggest topic of discussion in every meeting I’m in.

All the big movers and shakers – some of the wealthiest people and companies in the world – they are all vying for a piece of the action…

Just think about how much money is up for grabs…

We’re talking potentially $2 trillion – that’s a helluva lot of money…

That’s more than the GDP of most of the countries in the world, including some very big ones like Spain, Italy, Mexico… even Canada.

The profits will be enormous.

You have entire governments literally fighting each other over this…

Right now, the most aggressive are Russia and China…

In fact, I just learned Russia is in the finalization stage of several multi-million-dollar deals.

China is going about it a little differently…

They’re trying to position themselves as what’s called a “Cornerstone Investor,” meaning they will get preferred status.

Heck, China wants in so badly they offered to buy 5% of the stock outright.

The point is nobody wants to be left out.


How about the U.S.?


Oh, believe me, Donald Trump does not want to lose out to China… or anyone … and miss out on this investment deal of the century.

He has publicly come out and practically begged the company to list on the New York Stock Exchange.

He even tweeted out that it’s “Important to the United States”…

Same with all the big banks.

It’s going to be the biggest Wall Street feeding frenzy of all time… Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley…

The CEOs of these banks would practically sell their mothers for control of this IPO.


I read in the New York Times that the investment banker fees for this IPO would be at least $1 billion!


This is a windfall game-changer for any Wall Street bank, hedge fund, even everyday folks listening in today…

And we are down to the wire.

From what I’m hearing in my meetings with high-level executives, this IPO is going to happen very soon – much sooner than people realize.

In fact, I learned that on January 1, the company filed critical paperwork for becoming a public company.

Right now, they’re putting their board together – and figuring out how to divide the shares.


Kent, I’ve known you for many years. We talk all the time.

You love to tell me that energy markets have been… and will always be… the place where the biggest fortunes are made…the one market where the most millionaires and billionaires are minted overnight.

Think of the rise of big oil – and huge wealth created by companies like Standard Oil and Exxon…

The recent U.S. shale boom in Texas and North Dakota, which produced dozens of millionaires…

How does this event compare?


Make no mistake, this is going to be the financial event of the decade – maybe even the century…

Up to four times as big as the Alibaba IPO from 2014, which as you noted earlier was the biggest in the world.


The financial markets have never experienced anything like this, and the energy markets have certainly never seen anything like it.


Correct, that’s why for every person who is interested in making money in the energy markets… this is the best way to do it right now.

There’s actually an interesting comparison.

You just mentioned Standard Oil.

It was built by John Rockefeller at the beginning of the oil age – and he became the world’s first-ever energy billionaire.

In fact, at the time of his death, Rockefeller controlled an astounding 1.5% of America’s total economic output at the time.

In other words, he could have bought 1.5% of every single thing produced in the U.S.

Of course, Standard Oil got too big, so the U.S. broke it up into 34 smaller companies… essentially spreading the wealth all over the world.

But this gave people all over the world a chance to get rich on oil!

And today, I see this $2 trillion IPO as being another opportunity like that, another energy mega-shift where a huge concentration of wealth is about to open up to everyone.

You see, this IPO will have far-reaching consequences, like ripples on a pond.

Not only because this company – the world’s most valuable firm – will open its vast energy riches to investors for the first time in 85 years…

But also because… oil prices will skyrocket to $100 a barrel.


Wait a second, Kent. Did you just say oil is going to $100 a barrel?


Absolutely, Bill.

For the first time in decades, the true power behind the price of oil – and no, I’m not talking about OPEC or Russia – I believe the company that is going to IPO is dead set on pushing crude to $100 a barrel.

In fact, they NEED oil to go to $100. They have no choice.

And it’s all because of this $2 trillion IPO.


Kent, that’s a huge, juicy prediction – and one we will want to explore further in just a moment.

You’re also going to reveal all the details on your unique plays and how our listeners could position themselves on your back-door strategy, thanks to this historic IPO, and potentially cash out with a potential combined 1,329% gain – before the IPO even happens.

But first…

I think we’ve kept the bag on the company that’s IPOing long enough.

For those of you who haven’t already guessed – the company we’ve been discussing here…

The company that is going public in the biggest IPO in history…

It’s none other than Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil company.

And Kent, correct me if I’m wrong… but wasn’t Saudi Aramco originally part of Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, created in 1933 to look for oil in the then-newly created Saudi kingdom?


That’s correct, Bill.

Five years after its creation, an American geologist discovered oil in the desert, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Or rather it would be, except in 1980, seeing how Saudi Aramco was raking in money, the Saudi government decided they wanted it all for themselves – and took full control.


They nationalized it?


That’s right.

And ever since, Americans have had no way to take a stake in Saudi Aramco.

But that’s all about to change with this coming IPO.


Now, Kent – earlier, you referred to “the true power” behind the price of oil.

Did you mean the Saudis?


That’s exactly right. The Saudis are the second-largest oil producer in the world – and have by far the cheapest oil to produce in the world.

This allows them to have tremendous influence over the price of oil, almost to the point where they can set the price of oil at will – anytime they want – and the rest of the world has little choice.

In fact, they’ve built their whole kingdom on oil.

Without oil, Bill, there’s no Saudi Arabia.


So why on earth are the Saudis finally sharing their oil wealth after all these decades? It just doesn’t make any sense.


Well, here’s something most people don’t realize: If the Saudis don’t do something drastic to shake out their economy – and reliance on oil alone – they’re going bankrupt.

Petroleum makes up for 87% of Saudi government revenues.

And with the Saudi government spending ever more money, especially on defense, they need cash desperately.

So they’re selling stakes in the most valuable thing they have – the national oil company they built their whole kingdom on.

To give you an idea of what kind of situation the Saudis are in now, think back a few years ago when they tried bankrupting American shale producers by flooding the world with cheap oil.


I remember – that’s when we saw oil drop like a stone from over $114/barrel to $27/barrel.


Exactly. Now, the Saudis succeeded in bankrupting about 123 North American oil and gas producers…

But they created an even bigger problem for themselves:

Plunging revenues from lower oil prices…

It created a record $98 billion deficit in Saudi finances – 15% of GDP.

That’s exactly where Greece was in 2009 at the height of their debt crisis.

Things got so bad that, for the first time ever, the Saudis had to turn to the international debt markets to fill the gap.

They didn’t go small either.

They issued $17.5 billion in bonds, the largest ever in emerging markets, and went back for another $12.5 billion in 2017.

And here’s where it gets even worse: If the Saudis keep up their current rate of deficit spending, they’re going to blow through their reserves in just four years.


I would have never expected the Saudis were so close to going bankrupt.


Yes, and it’s a very real threat.

And it’s why the royal family must sell stakes in Aramco.

It’s the only way they can raise the money they need to shore up their finances and diversify their economy away from oil.

See, large oil companies are valued based on how much their oil reserves are worth.

Take a look at these charts I put together – you can see right here, even huge oil companies like Chevron and Shell get a big boost to their stock when oil prices go up.

When oil prices spiked from $31.10 to $111.72 after the financial crisis, the share price of Chevron jumped from $69.39 to $108.75.

That’s a 56.72% rise.

And when oil plummeted from $107.20 on June 12, 2014, to $47.79 on Jan 30, 2015, Royal Dutch Shell’s shares dropped by 23.39%.

In other words, the higher the price of oil goes, the higher oil company shares trade.

And remember, Bill – Saudi Aramco is an oil company. The world’s largest, in fact.

Once it goes public, the price Aramco shares will trade at will also be determined by the price of oil.

Selling these shares is the Saudi royal family’s last hope to stay in power.

But here’s the thing…

To make it a truly sweetheart deal for international investors, the Saudis need oil prices to go up. Way up.

So, now that we are on the eve of the IPO… they simply can’t afford to have low oil prices anymore.

Based on my estimation, they will make approximately a million dollars for every single dollar the price of oil goes up.

So to make sure they collect the biggest windfall for themselves, they’ve got to get oil back to $100 a barrel – or even more.


Wow, with so much at stake and a $2 trillion company up for grabs, no wonder you’re calling this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

If oil rises from where it stands now to a $100 a barrel, early investors will make an absolute fortune.

Kent, you sound very confident in your prediction.


In the four decades I’ve been working as an energy analyst…

This is the first time I can say for certain that oil is not only going to hit $100 a barrel, but that it must hit $100 a barrel.

The price has already started climbing big time…

It’s up nearly 50% already since last year.

And I’m not the only one who’s certain the price is a lock to go higher.

The smart money is already piling in, making bets that the Saudis will succeed.

The number of trades that will pay out if this happens – if the Saudis push oil up to $100 a barrel – has recently tripled…

It’s easy to see why.

Remember, the Saudi budget is nearly 90% funded by oil revenues.

Without oil at $100 a barrel there’s no way they can entice investors to the IPO and finance all the generous social programs they need to keep the populace from revolting.




Absolutely. Bill, one in three youths in Saudi Arabia are unemployed. That’s a perfect breeding ground for revolution – or terrorism.

The Saudi government knows this – and they’re spending billions to keep their population in line. 70% of the Saudi population works for the government.

And almost two-thirds of the government’s budget is spent on social programs meant to keep the population happy – and off the streets.

But it’s not enough.

Even members of the royal family are protesting against spending cuts, Bill. 11 princes were just arrested for demonstrating – in a royal palace – against austerity measures.

The Saudi government needs money, fast.

But it’s good news for everybody listening, because that’s exactly why they would benefit from $100 or higher oil prices and hold this historic IPO in the first place.

Because it’s not just the Saudis that stand to make a lot of money from oil at $100 a barrel – so will some specific American oil companies I’m going to tell you about here today…

I really can’t emphasize it enough, Bill – we are in a rare historical moment where oil prices could go up very high, very fast.

And this is where our listeners can find out how to make a fortune, thanks to this IPO going live.

Now, could I be wrong?

Of course… but I’m telling you, from everything I’ve seen, and from my three decades of experience working directly in this market… it’s all pointing to oil going up to $100 a barrel very quickly.

Since the oil embargo of the early ’70s, there have been just three times – 1979, 1990, and 2008 to be exact – when oil suddenly spiked to the moon.

And I believe with unwavering certainty that 2018 is next on that list.


So Kent, I know you’re champing at the bit to tell our listeners how they could make a fortune on the run-up of oil prices…

And we’re going to get to that in just a moment.

But first, I have to ask you… in terms of the Saudi Aramco IPO…

Should investors buy the company outright?


Bill, as you know, trying to get directly into an IPO is a sucker’s game for the everyday investor.

The whole IPO profit party is rigged for the insider traders, and the big institutions.

So, no, I wouldn’t recommend getting early shares of Saudi Aramco.

But that’s okay.

Thanks to my connections, I was able to discover some very big opportunities that will take place before the IPO even takes place.

I know exactly how anyone could make a fortune on these back-door, pre-IPO plays.


That’s sounds awesome Kent, let’s jump into that right now. Let’s hear about your back-door plays.


Earlier I mentioned that the Saudis are going to use the proceeds raised from the IPO to diversify their economy away from oil. This is where the big, early money is going to be made.


So how do they plan on doing that – on diversifying their economy?


By using the only other natural resource the kingdom has in abundance – the sun.


You mean they’re going solar?


That’s right, and it’s why when I say the Saudis are intent on diversifying their economy, I really mean it.

This is one of the biggest and most unlikely energy mega-shifts we’ve ever seen.

The world’s biggest, richest oil kingdom is moving to decouple not only its economy but its very energy use away from its golden goose.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, the energy markets will always be where the big money is made.

But that’s especially true when seismic mega-shifts like this occur.


So why do the Saudis want to transition to solar – and how will they do it?


Well, to understand how and why, you must start with the man who’s making it all happen, Mohammed Bin Salman, or MBS as he’s known in the West.


He’s the crown prince who’s next in line for the throne, right?


That’s not all. MBS is also Saudi Arabia’s Defense Minister, head of the Anti-Corruption Commission, and President of the Council of Economic and Development Affairs.

Make no mistake, he’s the real power behind his father’s throne. And in the not-too-distant future, he’s going to occupy it.

As I’m sure you remember, last November he made big headlines with a sweeping anti-corruption crackdown, arresting at least 17 princes and 38 deputy ministers throughout the Saudi royal family.

He even had the audacity to charge the kingdom’s richest man $6 billion to get his freedom back! No doubt about it, this was the shot heard ’round the world.

But here’s the thing: At the time, most people saw it as only an anti-corruption crackdown.

The truth is, it was also a major power play. Based on my research, the people MBS had arrested were also very opposed to his plan to take Saudi Aramco public this year.

There’s no two ways about it, this guy means business and he’s going to do everything possible to make his Vision 2030 plan a reality.


That’s his plan to modernize the Saudi economy and society, right?

I think we’re already seeing this with women being allowed to drive and cinemas now legal for the first time in 35 years.


Exactly. But his plans are obvious based on what I’ve seen.

He wants to transition the entire kingdom’s energy production, and solar use is a big part of it.

That’s what stands to make investors rich.

Now, when I say that the Saudis need to go solar, I truly mean it. Because this is exactly the direction the rest of the world is moving, and MBS knows they have to be a part of it.

Think about it: In 2016, solar power was the fastest growing source of new energy in the world.

And in the coming years, the International Energy Agency believes renewables like solar will account for 40% of all the world’s power generation.

Quite simply, the Saudis are about to be left behind. MBS can see that – and he’s taking action.


Hard to believe Bin Salman wants to power his country with solar after so many years of relying completely on oil.


Yep… hard to believe… but the quintessential petrostate is about to make what could be one of the world’s biggest investments in solar power.

It’s incredible how fast they’re moving in on this… it’s already starting.

Right now, they’re building a solar farm that would generate enough electricity to power around 40,000 homes.

The project will cost $300 million and create hundreds of jobs.

But this is just the beginning.

This year they plan to spend $7 billion on solar and other renewable energy.

They’re building a huge solar panel factory near Riyadh…

They’re building another factory near the Persian Gulf, where they plan to make huge quantities of polysilicon…

That’s the material used to make solar cells.

And Saudi Aramco itself is jumping into solar directly.

They’re partnering up with Saudi Electric to break ground on not one, not two, but 10 solar projects around the country.

So Saudi Arabia is going solar – fast and furiously.


That’s really incredible when you think about the Saudis and solar – it’s so hard to separate Saudi Arabia from oil.


You have to realize, Bill…

Domestic oil consumption has been rising a staggering 7% each year, nearly three times the rate of population growth.

If this keeps up, the Saudis will eat into their oil exports by 2021. Even worse, they would become a net importer by 2038.

They simply can’t let that happen.


Saudi Arabia an oil importer? That sounds surreal.


It is, and it would be utterly cataclysmic for the kingdom. Remember, oil is nearly 90% of the Saudi budget revenue. If they don’t export it, they don’t make money. They have to save every drop to bring in cash.

Simply put, MBS knows that the only way for his kingdom to remain a global power is to go solar. That’s why he has no choice but to put a big chunk of that Aramco IPO fortune towards making solar happen.

But you don’t have to wait for the IPO to make a killing on the solar projects already underway.

In fact, now is the time we should be jumping all over this.

As I just mentioned… they’ve got several large scale big solar projects already underway.

Plus 10 more about to go into production with Saudi Aramco and Saudi Electric as partners on the projects.

The money is gushing in already.

At this pace, they’ll be on track to overtake Germany – the world’s leading solar power – in the next decade.

But that’s just the beginning, Bill.

On top of all this, the Saudis are also building a huge mega-city – one they’ll power entirely with solar and wind.

Make no mistake, this massive, national transition from oil to solar is an enormous opportunity for investors.

Of course, the Saudis need experienced solar companies with leading-edge technology to make that transition happen.

My sources tell me the company responsible for one of the world’s largest solar plants has already been in closed-door meetings with Saudi energy officials…

And it’s a company that anyone can invest in with a simple call to a broker.


Okay, so Kent, this is where the folks listening today will want to pay very close attention. You just told us how massive this shift to solar will be. Now, tell us more about this solar company you have your eyes on.


Well, most people don’t know this.

But a few months ago, the Saudis held important strategic talks with a small but highly advanced solar tech company.

Specifically, the Saudis’ highest-ranking energy minister in the country met with a team of top executives to discuss the Saudis’ solar projects.

And I just learned in February that plans are moving forward with a massive solar installation at Sakaka, in northern Saudi Arabia.

And any deal they announce for major Saudi solar projects – something I believe will happen very soon before the IPO ever takes place – could send their stock soaring.

My initial estimate is 373% in the short term.

That’s good enough to make investors almost four times their money.

But that’s just a start.

Right now this is still a tiny company.

But its growth has been off the charts – with their revenue increasing three-fold in just the last couple of years… and now they are expanding operations all over the world… the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia…

And now they’re breaking into the Middle East.

In fact, just after their talks with the Saudis, the company signed a $870 million contract in Abu Dhabi to energize one of the largest solar plants in the world.

These guys are growing so quickly, mostly because of their amazing solar technology.

In fact, they just broke multiple world records for cells converting sunlight to solar power.

That’s why I believe they are on the verge of becoming a household name.

A global solar powerhouse.

Let me stress, Bill.

We are still in the earliest stage of solar.

But what’s happening with the Saudis is going to create one of the biggest energy shifts ever seen.

If you get “in” on this now…

You’ll be very early to the game.

I believe over the next several years you could be looking at life-changing gains of 1,500% or higher.


That sounds really exciting, Kent.

Saudi Arabia going so fast and furiously into solar – that’s a true game-changer.

Sounds like this tiny company could collect billions as the Saudis make the big shift from oil to solar.

No question, this tiny solar company’s stock should soar.

I mean every time a contract announcement is made… realistically it could double…

So, Kent, that’s your first “back-door” play on the IPO. And it’s a big one.

And you have a full report available that will give our listeners every single detail about this solar company – name, symbol, revenue and stock projections… all their contracts and deals, plus how to play it before the IPO for the biggest potential gains.

And I understand you’d like to make this report available to all of our listeners after this event?


Yes, that’s correct. The report is called: Saudi Solar: An Epic Mega-Shift that Could Hand You 373% Gains or More.

And I want every one of our listeners to have a chance to get this report today.


That’s really awesome. We’re going to show you how to get the Saudi Solar report for free in just a moment…

But first, Kent… you have another stock recommendation to tell folks about.

Earlier you mentioned MBS’ Vision 2030 plan to modernize Saudi Arabia.

I imagine this is going to be a massive moneymaker in and of itself?


You hit the nail on the head Bill. And Vision 2030 will need funds from the IPO to get it fully realized. But here’s the thing…

A huge part of Vision 2030 is already underway – so if investors make a move on it now, by the time the IPO happens, they’ll be perfectly positioned for really large returns.


Tell us more!


Well, just this past October, MBS went on stage with a bunch of billionaires in Riyadh to announce something that literally made the crowd’s jaw drop:

Turns out, these guys intend to build a $500 billion mega-city from scratch, right on the banks of the Red Sea.


A $500 billion city – from scratch? That just sounds incredibly ambitious.


Beyond ambitious. This will be a new crown jewel of the world.

MBS is calling this new city “NEOM” and it’s going to be a massive trading and business hub.

It’ll be like a giant Red Sea Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles all rolled into one.

We’re talking mega skyscrapers… the most modern transportation system ever made… ritzy hotels and high-rise condos galore… not to mention movie theaters, bars, dance clubs, betting, sports, racing – all the things that have been banned or heavily restricted by the Saudis for decades.

In other words, NEOM is going to be the crown jewel of MBS’ Vision 2030 Plan – a modernized city so fantastic that it will make Saudi Arabia the biggest tourist attraction in the Middle East.


So, is NEOM going to be like another crazy, free-zone like Dubai, with all its Lamborghini police cars, gold-dispensing ATMs, and islands constructed in the shape of palm trees?


Bill, NEOM is going to be Dubai on steroids. In fact, it’s going to make it look like an ant heap. This thing will be massive – 10,000 square miles, or 33 times the size of New York City, to be exact.


That’s just mindboggling.


It is, and it’s happening a lot sooner than you think, too – hotels are going to be up and running there by 2020. So with $500 billion in play – and possibly much more after the big IPO… this is something every investor needs to be on the ground floor of, right now.

Imagine being able to be the earliest investor in such a huge new undertaking…

See, there’s one company the Saudis are entrusting to help develop this huge $500 billion city…

Now, I should say this company isn’t confirming this on the record – yet.

But there’s no way they would miss out on this. And they are getting set to commit as much as $25 billion to Saudi Arabia to get it started.

After that, things will be moving very quickly.

I know for a fact this company’s CEO was recently seen in Riyadh…

He was one of the main guests at a conference sponsored by the Saudis’ sovereign wealth fund. I knew people in attendance.

This CEO is brilliant.

He’s already made some very speculative – but visionary and profitable – bets.

Such as turning $20 million in a Chinese internet startup into $75 billion the day it went public.

Or making $3 billion on chip-maker Nvidia in less than a year.

So this guy has the Midas Touch.

But this Saudi move – building their city of NEOM from the ground up – could turn this company into a powerhouse the size of Apple or Amazon.


I heard the plan includes building a bridge spanning the Red Sea, connecting the proposed city to Egypt and the rest of Africa.


Listen, when some leaks came out about this company getting majorly involved with NEOM, their stock soared… just on the leaks!

But when the real announcement comes – it’s going to skyrocket.

So, I want folks listening today to know how to get in before that happens. It could be a windfall before the IPO…

And then after the IPO – another huge windfall could take place as the Saudis begin to build.

So it could be a big double profit pop for anyone who gets into this company now.


And Kent, once again, you have all the details of this company you want to give our listeners for FREE after today’s Summit… is that correct?


Yes, absolutely… this report is called: NEOM Rising: How to Profit from the Rise of the World’s Biggest Mega-City

Look, this $500 billion solar-powered megalopolis is going to put Dubai to shame – and fill the coffers of one visionary company that’s at the frontlines of its rise.

So in this report, I’ll break it all down – the details of the city… and the stock… so everyone will know exactly how to play it for the biggest gains.

Investors stand to make a fortune here, Bill, as this company takes the lead in building NEOM.


So, folks…

This is great news. Kent has two FREE reports that he wants to give you after this $2 Trillion IPO Summit.

Both could be worth tens of thousands of dollars based on Kent’s projections.

Now Kent… before you give folks the instructions they need to download the reports… you’re not finished yet.

Earlier you whetted everyone’s greed glands with your $100 oil prediction.

You have laid out all the reasons why the Saudis are hell-bent on raising the price of oil at least that high before the big IPO.

And I know that you have a couple of very specific ways you think folks should take advantage of this huge price swing right away.

How can investors position themselves to profit from that massive price spike?


As I mentioned at the beginning, oil prices skyrocketing to $100 is going to be a must for the powers behind the Aramco IPO.

The Saudis want to make this thing as big as possible and dig themselves out of a huge fiscal hole, so that means oil at $100 a barrel or more is just around the corner.

Now, if you want to really profit higher oil prices, parking your money in one of the few big oil majors is NOT the way to go.

It’s what most investors do, but unfortunately that’s not where the real money is made.


Okay, note to listeners today – Kent says DON’T park your money in any of the big oil majors.


What I have in mind is much different…

Two plays, actually.

The first play is one I recommend getting in on while the price of oil is still as low as possible – like right now – because it gives you the chance to triple the big returns ordinary oil traders make.




That’s right. For every dollar they make from oil’s rise, you make three.

Now, there’s nothing tricky or complicated about this at all. Making this move is incredibly simple…

You don’t need to be an accredited investor

And it doesn’t involve options or margin trading or anything like that.

All it takes is a few minutes to set up through your normal broker.

Of course, like any investment there is risk involved… maybe even a little extra for this play – but, I’m going to show everyone exactly how to make this trade – while minimizing their risk.

That’s why the gains can be so huge.

In fact, you could have grown your wealth 148% with it just since last June.

Now remember, we are in a rare historical moment when oil prices could skyrocket very high, very fast.

So, this is one play that could make investors 200% returns in a month or less.


That’s amazing, Kent. So, the first play you have for folks is a way to triple your earnings on oil’s rise. Every $1 oil goes up – you could make $3.

Sounds great so far…

What’s your second play?


The second play I have in mind for making big money from oil at $100 a barrel comes from one of the world’s biggest oil discoveries ever.




That’s right.

This thing is massive – we’re talking 20 billion barrels of oil here, now worth an estimated $1.3 trillion.

And the really good news is, these barrels can be pumped without the use of any new technology.


Where on Earth is it?


It’s right here in America, in a previously overlooked formation in the Permian Basin.

It was only recently surveyed by the U.S. Geological Survey, and most oil companies still haven’t moved on this opportunity.

But, I’m tracking one explorer that already has 34 wells going strong. With oil at $60, their margins are already $19 per barrel.

Once the Saudis push oil up to $100, this tiny company will be making money hand over fist – $59 a barrel.

Now I crunched all the numbers.

And, according to my calculations, this little-known producer could see their stock go at least 190% higher as oil soars to $100 a barrel.

That’s a very conservative number. It could actually go a lot higher if a few other variables come into play.


That kind of profit potential is certainly nothing to sneeze at, Kent.

And you have yet TWO MORE FREE reports for folks today – that will give them all the details of these two oil plays – and you’d like both of those to get into our listeners’ hands today as well.


Yes, the first one is called:

Oil Price $100: How to Triple the Big Returns from Oil’s Rise

And in this report, I’ll give you all the details of the one single move you can make to earn $3 for every $1 oil goes up.

This is the easiest, most lucrative way you’ll ever find to potentially triple your investment.

The second report is called: Sweet Texas Tea: The $1.3 Trillion Oil Discovery that Could Make You a Millionaire

This report will give you every detail about the largest oil discovery in American history.

I’ll show you detailed maps of the discovery… projections on how much oil will be coming out of the ground… the company at the heart of this amazing opportunity… and a timeline for their stock to soar.

It’s all in the report.


So, Kent, to recap after this $2 Trillion IPO Summit, you want to give folks four critical briefings that show folks how to make a fortune from this Saudi IPO – before it ever happens.

They will get:

Saudi Solar: An Epic-Mega Shift that Could Hand You 373% Gains or More

NEOM Rising: How to Profit from the World’s Biggest Mega-City

Oil Price $100: How to Triple Your Big Returns from Oil’s Rise

And Sweet Texas Tea: The $1.3 Trillion Oil Discovery that Could Make You a Millionaire

Kent, this is an astounding package of opportunities. It’s like a $2 Trillion Saudi IPO Wealth Action Plan.


That’s right. All told, the recommendations in these reports could make you an astounding 1,329% – before the Saudi IPO even happens.

Of course, as I said before, there is always risk in the markets.

And so I always tell folks: Never invest more than you can afford to lose.

But I believe these opportunities are so huge, that even if things don’t go exactly as I believe they will – even just a fraction of the gains I’m projecting could make you a small fortune.


Kent, the plays in these reports obviously stand to make a lot of people a lot of money. It’s also obvious you put a lot of research into uncovering them. You must charge an arm and a leg for this kind of intel, right?


Each report is valued at $129. Altogether they’d value at $516. But, like I told you earlier…

I want to thank everyone who took the time to join us today for this call, and because of that I’d like to get all four of these reports into your hands for free.

All I ask is that they join me 100% risk-free as a member of my Energy Advantage.


For everybody listening, Energy Advantage is Kent’s flagship intelligence service, where he reveals the energy market’s biggest moves long before they hit the mainstream.

Across the board, readers of mine have had the chance to see gains totaling 120% on Taser International, 244% on Sunoco Logistics Partners, 264% on Southwestern Energy, 368% on Cheniere Energy, 546% on Westport Innovations… it just goes on and on.

I mean, you’ve shown readers 87 double-digit opportunities and 18 triple-digit windfall opportunities. That’s extraordinary.

Kent, explain Energy Advantage’s role in everything we talked about today.


Energy Advantage is all about leveraging my connections deep within the highest levels of the world’s biggest energy players – where the real money is made.

For example, just days after OPEC declared its war on U.S. shale producers, I consulted with the cartel’s key ministers at the fabled Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. What I learned there resulted in a 165% gain in less than three months for Energy Advantage readers who followed my recommendation.

Afterwards, I was in Algiers in North Africa convening with OPEC leaders, advising them to cut production – which they finally chose to do. This gave readers the chance to reap a 190% gain in one month.

And last March, on my last meeting to Windsor Castle, where the Queen of England resides, I met with the financial and political insiders who control as much as 90% of the world’s energy reserves. Shortly after, I recommended a trade that handed readers a 107% gain in less than a month.


Kent, can you tell us briefly what you get as a subscriber of Energy Advantage?


Every month I send members a new intelligence briefing, updating them with the latest energy opportunities.

These are the most urgent opportunities for creating big wealth.

And I can tell you, right off the bat, the Saudi IPO is going to create an onslaught of profit plays for years to come after the actual listing. Think about it.

$2 trillion could soon be hitting the global energy markets. This could be the biggest wave of capital to hit in one time in history.

My Energy Advantage readers will have the chance to profit over and over again just from this singular event – month after month for years.

There may even be a good time to actually buy shares in Saudi Aramco itself. My readers will be the first to know.

Then, each week I give readers updates on where the global energy markets are now… where they’re headed… and the companies we’re following – including any urgent, new buy or sell recommendations.

Readers also have access to Energy Advantage round the clock, making sure they can see my urgent briefings immediately.


So, Energy Advantage is pretty comprehensive. You send folks a new intelligence briefing every month, revealing your most lucrative new plays… weekly updates on these plays… and full, 24/7 access to everything you’ve ever written or recommended for Energy Advantage readers.

Plus, you’re giving away the $2 Trillion IPO Wealth Action Plan, a total value of $516.


That’s right.

As you mentioned earlier Bill, I’ve shown a lot of folks how to profit handsomely from the energy markets.

But the truth is, I haven’t seen an opportunity as good as this in a decade or more.

Not only is the world’s largest company going public… sharing their enormous wealth with the world…

They’re also creating a massive shift into solar…

And building a $500 billion mega-city from scratch.

I’ve told you this many times, Bill.

Earth-shaking events like these are the reason why more millionaires and billionaires are created overnight in the energy markets than in any other sector.

I firmly believe a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity like this deserves to be shared with as many people as possible, not just a select few.

I don’t want anybody to miss out.


I completely agree, Kent. It fits into our whole mission at Money Morning – to make investing profitable.

I’m sure a lot of listeners are wondering…. does Energy Advantage come with any type of guarantee?


Yes, absolutely. Obviously, I want folks who join me to be 100% satisfied with my research and opportunities.

So, when you come aboard today, I’ll instantly authorize a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If at any time during the next 30 days you feel Energy Advantage isn’t right for you, simply contact me and I will instantly return every single penny. No questions asked.

And you can keep all four of my reports we talked about here today – my gift to you just for giving Energy Advantage a try.


That’s a very generous offer, Kent.

Just to recap for you, Kent has just authorized a special one-time offer exclusively for listeners of this IPO Mega-Wealth Summit. If you act now you will have immediate access to the $2 Trillion IPO Wealth Action Plan that includes the four special reports with a total retail value of $516.

The stocks in these reports stand to skyrocket a combined 1,329% as the historic Aramco IPO approaches and the Saudis modernize and diversify their economy.

You will also get 12 issues of Kent’s Energy Advantage – a retail value of $299.

So if you add up the year subscription plus the reports, you’re looking at a total value of $815.

But, today, you can get it for a mere $299.

Kent is also giving you a 30-day money back guarantee.

So, if at any time during the first 30 days you don’t like what you see, simply let Kent know and you’ll receive a complete refund of your membership.

This is an extraordinary offer for an even more extraordinary moneymaking opportunity, one that could hand you a combined 1,329% windfall.

With such a low price… and such a generous guarantee – you have nothing to lose.

But this offer is only for folks listening to this today.

You may never get such a great deal again.

I hate to see you miss out on such an incredible opportunity – with so much profit potentially up for grabs.

Get it while you can.

To claim this special offer, just click the button below right now.

Don’t hesitate another minute.

Click now.

I want to thank you for taking part in this special $2 Trillion IPO Mega-Wealth Summit.

I’m Bill Patalon, and on behalf of myself and Dr. Kent Moors, have a great day.

March 2018

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