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This fast-paced service is designed to exploit the energy market’s most significant moves… before mainstream money does. And it’s run by the only man on Earth who can do this for you on a consistent basis…

Dr. Kent Moors has been on the front lines of global energy for 30 years now. His connections offer you an unprecedented way to profit from sudden shifts in the dynamics of world energy markets. And now, for the first time, he’s agreed to share the industry’s most lucrative secrets – investment recommendations he reveals to members of his Energy Inner Circle.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Kent Moors.   

Ever since the Saudis declared jihad on American oil companies, the big institutions that consult with me have all begged for one thing…

Hard market data they can use to make millions (actually billions) of dollars on this oil war.

Let’s face it, there’s big money to be made right now…

But only if you understand with absolute conviction which oil producers are strong enough to weather this epic crisis – and who is heading for the ash heap of bankruptcy.

That’s why for the past nine months my research team and I have been tracking the real-time numbers from over 45,000 data points covering 132 publicly traded oil and gas producers.

In fact, we’ve created a brand new research company – the Energy Capital Research Group – so I could compile the hardest data in existence that shows me where the huge money is going…

Now we’re offering this time-sensitive information to the world’s largest financial institutions.

You see, we’ve been talking to the biggest names on Wall Street – UBS, J.P Morgan, Bank of America, Glencore, Standard Chartered – to show them how we can “fill in the holes” in their analysis… before they put millions of their own dollars at risk.

With that much at stake, they want hard data – not just theory or guesswork – on who’s positioned to survive in the oil business and who’s set to get wiped out.

So my team and I are creating the critical analysis that no one else can provide. The hard data that can make them rich.

At any given moment, I can tell them right down to the penny…

EVERY critical detail about the financial health of EVERY public oil company in North America including:

  • The true amount of revenue they bring in…
  • Their true spending patterns…
  • The true amount of cash they have on hand…
  • Their true cash flow…
  • The true amount of credit they can access…
  • The true value of their oil and gas reserves…
  • The true amount of their interest payments…
  • AND when the bills come due.

In short, everything that matters right now. Again, this information is worth untold millions.

And today – for the first time ever – I’m releasing some of the most lucrative information from our proprietary data set right here… right now.

With my analysis, you’ll have the chance to bank gains as high as:

871.35% in 16 days…

1,711.32% in 37 days…

1,460.00% in 48 days…

1,035.55% in 49 days…

Even better, you’ll be able to do it over and over and over again for the next 12 months as the Saudis push this jihad to the limits.

You could make money two ways:

  • First, on the downside, actually banking immense, repeating gains with one simple technique…
  • And then on a different type of trade as the shares of the survivors rebound and go berserk, which I believe they most definitely will.  

In fact, you have an opportunity right now to snatch up some of the best oil companies on the planet at rock-bottom rates… grabbing shares at up to 90% off where they SHOULD be trading at.

So if you’re one of a small group of readers willing to take advantage of what I’m going to show you today…

Get ready for your shot at what could easily be the biggest payday of your lifetime.

It’s so big, it could transform every $2,500 you invest into $109,845 with just a handful of moves I’ll explain in a moment.

That’s more than 40 times your money!

How can I be so confident?

Nobody Understands This Conflict Better Than I Do.

As I said earlier, my name is Dr. Kent Moors.

I’m a former intelligence officer who’s spent over 40 years deep inside the energy world.

I’ve received three Distinguished Service Medals from Presidents Nixon, Reagan, and Clinton…

Along with 23 commendations from the U.S. Intelligence Community…

Including the intelligence equivalent of the Medal of Honor.

Today, I’m Money Morning’s Global Energy Strategist, as well as an official energy policy advisor to 29 world governments, including the United States, Russia, and China.

And I have been personally consulting with major oil companies, investment banks, and hedge funds on the energy markets for years.

If you recognize me, it’s probably because I’ve been on TV and radio more than 1,400 times, breaking down the energy markets on CNN, BBC, ABC, and Fox.

Now, I’m not telling you all this background stuff just to hear myself talk.

I’m doing it so you’ll give me your undivided attention.

You see, for as long as I’ve been in this business, I’ve seen the situation we’re in now exactly TWICE

The first time was back in the 80s when oil plunged 67%… and turned 54% of U.S. oil companies into dust… and handed the companies that were left the entire oil market on a silver platter.  

The second time is unfolding right now.

And no, it’s not “different this time.” It never is.

Of course, no two markets are exactly alike… but it’s my firm belief that the underlying boom/bust cycle is always the same.

Now we’re looking at the single greatest set of investment opportunities I’ve ever seen…

Much bigger than the ones I witnessed over 40 years ago… the last time the Saudis destroyed oil prices like this.

And with the research I have in my hands right now, I believe I can tell you with confidence who the winners and the losers are going to be in the next 12 months.

You see, the money in the oil patch works the same as it does everywhere else in the world.

You either have enough cash flow to execute your business…

Or you go bankrupt.

And after all your competitors are wiped out, you feast like a king, quadrupling – and sometimes sextupling – your market share and profits.

Make no mistake. When you have the hard data that allows you to separate the winners from the losers in a crisis like this, you can get insanely rich in a very short period of time.

I’m going to show you some of this data in a moment – and how you could use it to make 30-60 times your money – or more.

But first you need to know exactly where the market is headed and how we use our data to identify the biggest, most explosive opportunities.

It all starts with…

The Biggest Bankruptcy Crisis in History.

Now, if you thought 2015 was a bad year for American oil companies, you haven’t seen anything yet. 

Of 132 publicly traded oil companies we have hard data on, 53 American oil drillers are so starved for cash, they’re currently poised to go belly up fast.

That’s more than double the 21 public oil companies that went under last year.

Between them they represent an eye-popping $207.51 billion dollars in market cap that, absent a miracle, is now expected to disappear in a puff of smoke.

And believe me, this isn’t some analytic number theory or even basic algebra. It’s just plain old arithmetic. And I can prove it. 

According to my data, every single one of the companies I’ve identified as heading for bankruptcy is burning through cash like a sailor on leave.

That is, they spend A LOT more than they make on a daily basis. 

That means every day they operate they just go MORE and MORE broke…

Eventually companies stuck on this path invariably run out of “other people’s money”… miss millions of dollars in interest payments… and implode on the spot ­– just like the Saudis knew they would.

And today, after months of putting this together, I can tell you with great confidence who is likely to say “sayonara” and when.

Now, I believe anyone who is able to get out in front of this tidal wave has the chance to make as much as 43.9 TIMES their money… beginning almost immediately. 

All it takes is just one simple move.

And don’t worry…

There’s nothing tricky or complicated about it at all… not one tiny bit.

What I’m about to show you has nothing to do with buying distressed debt… futures… derivatives… currencies… shorting stocks on margin… or anything risky like that.

Yet the gains you could bank with this move are big enough to turn two weeks’ worth of paychecks into $109,845.

So how does it work? It’s simple really…

These Trades Go UP When Oil Companies Go DOWN.

Now to be clear, we’re NOT suggesting you invest in failing companies.

In fact, the move I’m going to show you is not an investment. It’s a trade. Plain and simple.

What I love is that, the gains potential is almost always EXPONENTIAL, especially in situations just like this.

As you absorb the facts, and the undeniable evidence… you’ll see it very quickly…

How you could use this simple move to earn enough money to retire on…

Buy a vacation home with cash… or fund an Ivy League education without breaking a sweat.

But ONLY IF you know the details down to the penny the way I DO.

You see, after months of painstaking calculations and intense data crunching… we’ve assembled a predictive model unlike anything in existence before.

I call it the Terminal Velocity Index (TVI).

In fact, this predictive model is so accurate, after backtesting we realized it correctly identified 15 out of 15 bankruptcies last year in cases where all the data points met.


The TVI doesn’t just project which companies will survive… and which are going under…

It can also be used to project WHEN the ax will fall on the companies the Saudis have in their crosshairs.

It’s true: In 14 out of those 15 cases last year, our analysis was so accurate it anticipated WHEN each bankruptcy would occur within 4 to 12 weeks.

It’s the breakthrough piece my institutional clients have been clamoring for… and for good reason…

Because if you know with conviction not only WHO is going out of business but WHEN

You can trade the same mathematical evidence over… and over… and over again. And potentially make a killing at every step.

Now, if what I’ve told you so far hasn’t hit you like a ton of bricks yet… it will in just a second.

Because I’m not talking about giving you the chance to bank only one or two huge gains…

But 10-15 epic windfalls… one after another… that can be reinvested over and over again…

With the real potential to turn a small $2,500 stake into $109,845 or more.

And here’s real kicker… as I’m about to show you in great detail…

When you use this simple move the way I’m about to show you, you’ll never have to risk more than $2,500 at any one time to do it.

You see, the downside with this move is strictly limited.

In fact, it’s so safe in this regard, you can even use it as part of your government approved 401(k) or IRA.

And if you get in front of this looming tidal wave of defaults…

You could grab a payday unlike anything you’ve ever seen or even imagined possible.

In fact, just to prove it, we ran extensive backtesting, using widely accepted calculations based on real past pricing, interest rates, time, and volatility.

Just look at the gains that could have been possible if you made the very best plays we calculated on Ivanhoe Energy Inc

A company our predictive analysis nailed as being just 56 weeks away from buying the farm. 

Buried under $77.4 million in debt… and losing $8.08 million a quarter…

Our “timeline to insolvency” model would have proved Ivanhoe’s days were running out fast.

And using that knowledge, you could’ve had the chance to make five short-term trades one after another. And make a killing at every step.

All without risking a penny more than your original $2,500 stake.

In fact, by the time you closed your first trade on Ivanhoe, you could have turned your original $2,500 stake…

Into $45,280 in 37 days… earning you a 1,711.32% gain… all with one simple move.

Every penny of which you could’ve taken off the table immediately. With a gain that big, that wouldn’t be unreasonable.

But the truth is after closing the first trade, you could have made a second $2,500 trade not long after using the same simple move.

That trade would have turned the same $2,500 stake into…

$39,000 in just 48 days… earning you an additional 1,460% gain

Not long after, you could have used your original $2,500 to make $12,900 in 37 days…

Quickly followed by another $11,070 in your pocket in only 35 days in a fourth trade.

As for your final trade, you would have been able to close it just 24 days before Ivanhoe filed for bankruptcy as the data predicted…

Turning the same $2,500 investment into $4,090 in just 20 days.

Stacked one on top of the other…

That would’ve turned your original $2,500 stake into $109,845 in just eight months, 22 trading days.

And you would never have risked more than $2,500 at any one time to do it! Amazing.

Now, I admit making 43.9 times your money is rare. And these are examples of trades that would have been possible based on our calculations. Picking a perfect stock string like this would take perfect timing and undoubtedly a good amount of luck.

But the fact is when you use this simple move, gains this big are not out of reach.

And with information I’d like to provide you today, you can trade several targeted oil companies at the same time.


That’s how easy and low cost this simple move can be to make.

So really, $109,845 is just one example of how much you could make with this simple move.

The fact is…

The Same Simple Move on these Three Companies could have earned you $144,510.

You could have used the same exact strategy in trades against BPZ Resources Inc.Quicksilver Resources Inc., and Dune Energy Inc.

Three more companies we accurately identified as takedown targets in backtests. 

Between them, they had over $2.42 billion in bad debts and were hemorrhaging nothing but red ink.  

In fact, according to our cash flow analysis, BPZ was losing an average of $17.14 million every quarter…


Yet was only sitting on $78.89 million in cash… and couldn’t borrow another penny on its line of credit.

You didn’t need to be a math whiz to see where that was headed… 

Buried under $238 million in bad loans and losing money hand over fist, it wouldn’t be long before BPZ said “sayonara.”

As for Wall Street, they didn’t seem to have a clue.

Six months after our backtest nailed the real numbers on BPZ, Wunderlich Securities told its customers BPZ would jump 133%… from just under $3 to $7 a share.

Meanwhile, 32 weeks after our model would’ve predicted its demise, Zack’s Equity Research knew so little about BPZ’s true financial picture… it handed the company a #1 ranking. 

And guess what? 

Eight months after Zack’s called it a “Strong Buy,” BPZ disappeared just like our predictive analysis forecast it would.  

And if you had taken advantage of the early mathematical conclusions, our analysis would’ve reached against BPZ Resources…

Based on our calculations, you could’ve earned:

Again, each one of these windfalls is from the same company… BPZ!

And when you stack one on top of the other… using the same $2,500 over and over again…

You would have earned $6,085… $24,280… $10,940… $28,385… $10,515… putting $77,720 into your trading account.

All without risking any more than $2,500 in any one trade.

And the truth is you could have used the same strategy on shares of Quicksilver Resources Inc

Which – according our proprietary analysis – was even worse off than BPZ.

You see, BPZ was only $238 million in the hole… 

Quicksilver, meanwhile, was $2.07 billion in debt

And according to our analysis only had $166 million in cash to back it all up.

Which might have worked… if they weren’t losing $66.8 million dollars every 12 weeks.

Again, you didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to see where that was headed…

Provided you understood Quicksilver’s TRUE financial picture the way we were able to in our backtesting.

With it, you could have earned rapid-fire gains of:

Which stacked one on top of the other… using the same $2,500 over and over again…

Would’ve earned you $9,520… $15,955… $16,118… $3,530… putting $42,625 into your trading account.

And you never would’ve had to risk more than $2,500 in any one trade.

But the truth is you didn’t have to stop there either…

You could’ve used the same exact strategy against Dune Energy… another company our hard data accurately pegged as headed for insolvency.

Capturing gains of:

Which stacked one on top of the other… using the same $2,500 over and over again…

Would’ve earned you $7,380… $4,525… $5,220… $4,630… $4,900… putting $24,164 into your trading account.

Adding all three of these companies together, you could’ve banked $144,510.

And had you used the same simple move against all four of the distressed companies I just showed you… Ivanhoe Energy… BPZ Resources… Quicksilver… and Dune Energy…

You actually would’ve had the chance to bank $254,355

All without risking more than $2,500 on any single trade.

And what’s really astounding… if you had wanted to swing for the fences…

You could’ve put $5,000 into each trade and banked $508,710.

In the same way, you could’ve risked $10,000 in each trade and made $1,017,420.

Like I said before, a performance like this would have been exceptional – it would take perfect timing and frankly a lot of luck to hit only the massive wins and stay out of any losers.

And having calculated these trade examples based on backtested data, it’s also important to note that past performance doesn’t guarantee any future gains.

But still, the potential here is undeniable.

You see, there’s no limit on how much you can put into this trade. Or how much you can bank with this move when you consider the number of companies you can use it against is unlimited.

That’s why I say $109,845 could be a CONSERVATIVE estimate of the profits now at stake.

And I can promise you… our data now shows the timing on trades like the ones I just showed you couldn’t possibly be any better than it is right now.

Because, if anything, these trades have even more potential TODAY than they did last year…

To understand why so many companies are on the verge of a major crisis, all you have to do is consider these five trigger points.

Trigger Point #1: Junk debt rates have gone nuclear.

As I’ve been warning for over a year now, the $550 billion junk bond bubble has burst.

Now interest rates on junk debt has climbed to nosebleed levels.

In fact, the yields on bonds rated CCC or lower has skyrocketed as high as 20%.

That’s nearly four points higher than when Lehman Bros. collapsed!

Trigger Point #2: Assets values have totally crashed.

At a liquidation sale in January, Quicksilver Resources Inc. was only able to collect just $245 million in cash proceeds to repay $2.35 billion in bad debts.

That’s just 10.3 cents on the dollar!

Or 75% LESS than the 25-year average annual recovery rate for high-yield bonds of 41.4 cents.

That’s why I wouldn’t be surprised to see junk rates spike to 25% in no time all… sending the energy debt markets into collapse.

Trigger Point #3: Companies are hemorrhaging red ink.

All of this is happening at a time when there are over 60 oil companies ­– accounting for $325 billion in junk debt – that are cash flow negative.

And every day they operate they go deeper and deeper into the hole.

Trigger Point #4: SEC regulation S-X 4-10.

Thanks to this little-known section of the SEC code, the industry is about to get hammered.

By law, it requires that every upstream oil company write down reserves that can’t be profitably produced at $51 a barrel.

It’s a figure arrived at using a special SEC formula.

The problem is that $51 is 46% less than last year’s official figure of $94 a barrel.

Now billions of dollars of oil money are about to disappear in a puff of accounting smoke.

Trigger Point #5: Banks have suddenly found “religion” again.

Now that oil defaults are skyrocketing, Standard & Poor’s estimates the amount banks are willing to lend troubled firms – based on the value of their reserves – could be cut by 30%. 

Now a mountain of debt is set to explode.

Trapped in a vicious circle of lower prices… falling revenues… skyrocketing borrowing costs… shrinking oil reserves… and no new credit…

Producers are somehow going to have to find $550 billion over the next five years to repay their debts.

And you don’t need to be a mathematician to see that’s never going to happen.

In fact, our data shows 31 public U.S. oil companies are headed towards bankruptcy in the next six months.

When this default wave hits, the trades like those I just showed you are going to go on an absolute moonshot.

That’s not rocket science, either… its arithmetic.

Now, just to be clear: I’M NOT TALKING ABOUT EVERYONE.

American drillers are still by far the best in the world… BAR NONE

Even the Saudis know they can’t take down the strongest players on the planet.

And we’re going to use the same exact data we used to identify the biggest potential losers…

To target the industry’s strongest, best positioned companies at drop dead, fire-sale prices. And this is where the second strategy I mentioned earlier for playing the upswing comes into play.

You see, DOZENS of the best U.S. oil companies are now trading at their LOWEST valuations in years.

Right now, you can buy all the shares you want… with some discounts as high as 60% to 90% off their recent prices.

That includes marked down shares of some of these well-known names since 2014:

Just to name a few.

But here’s the problem: You can’t just buy ANY oil company that looks over sold and expect to make a fortune.

If you don’t understand EVERY critical detail about the financial health of EVERY single company practically right down to the penny… the way I do… you’ll just be guessing.

That’s what makes this independent research so valuable for big institutions and huge hedge funds.

Because if you knew the names of these companies that are the strongest of the strong…

The companies that are poised to come out of this with an even bigger market share…

You’d almost certainly have a hard time NOT making an absolute killing.

Just take a look the profits you could’ve banked the last time the Saudi’s blew up the oil markets.

You see, as I told you earlier, this isn’t the first time the Saudis have manipulated the price of oil.

When the Saudis flooded the world with cheap oil in the 80s – for the first time – crude crashed 66%…

Falling from $31.72 to $10.83 a barrel.

Then the inevitable BOUNCE hit…. as it always does.

And crude more than doubled over the next 12 months.

Not long after oil skyrocketed to $39.05…

OR HIGHER than where it was before the Saudis crashed the markets.

And guess what?

Beaten down U.S. oil stocks went nuts to the upside.

And investors who gobbled them up at rock-bottom prices made vast fortunes virtually overnight.

Even the stodgy mega-caps DOUBLED and TRIPLED.

  • Exxon bounced 104.44%.
  • Chevron bounced 187.91%.
  • Conoco-Phillips bounced 219.46%.

Even smaller names like Hess Corp. went through the roof with 246.02% gains.

Or enough to turn every $50,000 invested into $173,000 in no time at all.

But the truth is you don’t even have to go back 40 years…

You just have to go back to 2009, the last time oil was trading in the $30s.

Only this time it wasn’t the Saudis that sent oil lower but the “Great Recession.”

When the financial meltdown sent oil reeling from $145 to under $34 a barrel.

But if you remember… that brutal selloff didn’t last long either.

Oil later exploded 240%, hitting $113 a barrel.

And U.S. oil stocks went berserk.

And that was nothing compared to gains investors made on Kodiak Oil and Gas, which bounced a massive 5,925% over the next five years.

That’s a total return of… are you ready for this?

60 times your money…

Or enough to turn every $20,000 invested into $1,200,000!

The point is every time oil prices fall this low… this fast… they have snapped back with a force that leaves investors stunned ­– without exception.

Now it’s happening all over again.

And investors now have the chance to make as much as 60 times their money right now…

On beaten-down companies I KNOW are strong enough to survive this oil jihad.

Now, I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that nothing in the world of investing is ever guaranteed. And gains this big are not to be expected every day – they’re certainly exceptional…

But we aren’t just going off on a shallow whim – we have hard evidence and data backing us up.

And with the oil markets now finding a footing…

It’s time to start buying the best American oil companies aggressively.

Here’s why…

The Saudi Oil Gambit has moved into the Final Phase (higher prices ahead).

Today’s oil bust is about to become tomorrow’s oil boom.  

For all intents and purposes, the Saudi oil jihad has succeeded…

Vast numbers of U.S. frackers are going out of business.

And you only need to connect the dots to see that oil is about to skyrocket again:

FACT #1: The rigs count has collapsed.

The number of working oil rigs has plummeted to 325. That is the lowest since November 6, 2009, or 80% lower than the 1,609 rigs that were operating in October of 2014.

FACT #2: Capital Expenditures have been slashed to the bone! 

According to the S&P, oil and gas companies slashed their Cap-Ex spending by 24% in 2015, with another 15% cut expected this year.

And according to Wood Mackenzie, 68 major projects were canceled in 2015, scrapping plans to pump 27 billion barrels of oil and natural gas.

FACT #3: U.S. production is falling fast.

The production in the four key shale plays has plummeted by over 600,000 barrels of oil per day since March 2015. This production is not magically going to come back, either.

In fact, by 2017 the EIA expects the U.S. to produce an average about 8.2 million barrels a day – or 1.5 million barrels a day LESS than at the peak.

FACT #4: Global demand is surging. 

According IEA forecasts, global oil demand will climb this year to 95.8 million barrels a day.

That’s higher than at any point in human history.

And don’t just take my word for it. According to global research firm Wood Mackenzie, the world is going to need 5 million barrels a day of NEW supply over the next five years just to meet increased demand.

And with CAP EX spending dropping like a rock, odds are it will never materialize in time. 

FACT #5: The supply glut is disappearing fast.

According to a just released IEA report, the supply glut is going to shrink to just 200,000 barrels a day starting this month.

That’s down dramatically from the 1.5 million barrels of oversupply in the first half of the year.

You know what that means…

And if you act RIGHT NOW, you can load up on the best American oil stocks before they go berserk.

And nobody knows the potential winners and losers right now like I DO.

It means that today – for the first time ever

I can show a small group of Money Map Press readers how to position themselves to make a bona fide fortune…

Using hard data that UNTIL NOW was never available to ordinary, everyday investors…

And with the time-sensitive information I’m releasing today…

You now stand to collect some of the biggest profits in the history of energy investing.

In fact, if my estimates are correct, you could EASILY score north of 60 times your money over the next 12 months.

The catch is, you’ve got to act quickly – and know exactly how to play it.

For you, that can start right now.

I approach the energy market with one goal in mind: to help my followers profit from extraordinary situations like this where the circumstances create what I believe are extraordinary opportunities.

Already I’ve guided a small, fortunate group of people to a very large number of exceptional investment wins with some of my top gains like:

Now I’m getting ready to turn them onto the biggest potential payday of their lives…

Giving them the chance to make 60 times their money or more… as this slow motion train wreck unfolds.

  • First, on the downside, banking massive, repeating gains with one simple move.
  • Then, on the inevitable rebound as the shares of the survivors go berserk.

And with the list of my expected winners and losers I now have in my hands, I believe our research can put you and your family on easy street for the rest of your lives.

Isn’t that what you really want – the opportunity to get Big Time rich?

To never have to work at a “job” again?

To stop worrying about money, security, and your family’s future?

For your shot at making this a reality, all you need to do is accept an invitation to join my Energy Inner Circle research service risk-free for a month. 

Say yes, and I’ll instantly send you four handpicked trade recommendations – each one with the potential to hand you very large gains.

The first two plays will reveal how you can grow rich from stacking trades on a single company.

If you recall, a few minutes back I showed you how, based on my calculations, you could have used this simple move with Ivanhoe Energy Inc. to grab 1,711% in just 37 days.

Then 1,460% in 48 days…

Another 416% in 37 days…

Then 343% in 35 days…

And finally 63% in three weeks.

That would’ve turned your original $2,500 stake into $109,845.

With BPZ you could have stacked five trades that put $77,720 into your account.

Again, all without risking any more than $2,500 in any one trade.

And by stacking Quicksilver, you could have used four trades to put $42,626 in your trading account.

We have two enormous “stacking” opportunities in front of us now. 

Stacked Trade #1 

Starts with the company at the very top of my “trigger” list.

It’s an oil and gas driller with $5.2 billion dollars in debt whose time is running out fast. And I can prove it.

To understand why, all you have to do is look at the hard data straight from our proprietary model.

As you can see, the amount of cash and credit this goner can access just went negative.

And it’s not negative for a quarter or two…

The red bars extend into the future as far as the eye can see.

And don’t think for a second their fortunes are about to magically change, either.

According the data, they will be bleeding roughly $115 million a quarter all the way into 2018.

At that point, our research shows this train wreck will be faced with the likelihood of bankruptcy.

That’s not hyperbole, either – it’s arithmetic.

As I showed you earlier…

That’s going to allow investors to trade the same mathematical conclusion over and over again, using one simple move, until this company bites the dust. 

In fact, I’m ready to send you the very first in a series of four stacked trades that could earn you total gains of 3,628%…

Or enough to turn a $2,500 stake into $93,215… 

All without risking a penny over your original $2,500 stake.

And remember: There’s no limit on how much you can make.

A $10,000 stake could yield $372,860.

It’s all up to you.

You’ll even have the chance to add to your potential gain with this quick hitter…

Stacked Trade #2 

If you thought the last company I showed you was terrible…

Wait until you get a load of this bad apple.

It’s a player in the worst part of the entire oil business right now.

It’s an offshore driller.

Talk about nightmares.

The revenue from two of its three offshore drilling fleets has nearly dried up…

While the cash generated from its ultra-deep fleet continues to sink.

So how bad is it?

Over the past year alone, revenues have been nearly cut in half.

Now analysts are slashing their price targets on this turkey left and right…

And for good reason.

They have $1.3 billion in bad debt coming due, and their liquidity is dropping like a rock.

And according to our data, when the final bill comes due, there simply will not be any money left to pay it.

That’s setting up the chance for you to make as much as 4,152% on five stacked trades…

Or enough to turn $2,500 into $106,300.

Now, just to be clear, what I’m talking about with these five stacked plays isn’t stocks, bonds, or anything long term.

They are TRADES. Plain and simple.

Professional traders – the guys who make the big money – are making trades like this right now…

And as soon as you get my instructions, you could be up to speed in 10 minutes, set up to make the same gains professionals do.

It’s the same technique I’ve used on my way to recommending 17 triple-digit winners across my various services… 

Most of which occurred over short periods of time… including gains of: 

You see, 100% gains are actually quite COMMON for members of my Energy Inner Circle.

Every 78 Days, One of Our Picks Doubles.

In the five and a half years since I launched Energy Inner Circle, my readers have had a chance to double their money in a different trade about every 78 days on average.

Think about that…

Most investors go years between doubling their money. But that’s not the case for my Energy Inner Circle readers. They do it, on average, about every 11 weeks.

Now, I don’t have any magic crystal ball, like other people often claim…

But I am on a first-name basis with nearly everyone who’s anyone in the global energy business… sheiks, dictators, academics, OPEC heads, and big energy CEOs.

If there’s anyone with more clout in the corporate suites and government bureaus of the world, I haven’t met them yet.

But regardless of all that, I have what they want right now, desperately…


That’s why the Energy Capital Research Group was recently formed…

And under my direction, they’ve invested a fortune to calculate the hard data that no one else can afford to put together.

And now we’re getting ready to pull down our biggest gains ever.

Please understand: This a special situation. One that comes up very rarely.

Yet when it does, it creates instant opportunity and unbelievable profit potential.

As I’ve shown, you can make the money two ways.

One on the downside with the stacked plays I just showed you… and then on the upside.

In fact, folks who played the upside the last time oil was trading in the $30s and bought up shares at fire-sale prices had a chance to turn every $20,000 invested into $1.2 million.

That's on just one trade.

But today I’d like to give you two upside trades with this kind of potential!

Each of these rocket picks could earn you 10X your money and likely a whole lot more.

Starting with this hidden gem in West Texas…

Rocket Pick #1: Grab Your Share of the Richest Land on Earth

You see, there’s one American hotspot the Saudis can’t stamp out.

It’s called the Permian Basin.   

250 miles wide and 300 miles long, it’s home to some of the most desirable land on the planet.

And for good reason.

The pay zones in the Permian are stacked one on top of the other like an oil-soaked layer cake…

Which means the drillers there can tap three or four layers of oil with a single well.

Put together, the Permian's oil formations are 4,000 feet thick and hold more crude than any other region in the nation.

And it’s cheap to produce, too… with the cost in some counties under $35 a barrel.

So it’s the last place in the U.S. you can drill at today’s prices and still make money.

With an API gravity in the 38–45 range, the crude in the Permian is light, sweet, and highly desirable.

That’s why Permian production has actually INCREASED by 46% since the Saudis tanked the markets in 2014.

And with an estimated 43 billion barrels of oil and 18 trillion cubic feet of gas still in place, the Permian Basin is nowhere near exhausted.

That means there are plenty of untapped profits just waiting to be pocketed.

All you need is enough cash to see it through.

Like the little-known Permian driller, I recommend you buy into TODAY. 

You see, not only do they have 63,646 acres of some of the best land I’ve ever seen in the region…

They also just boosted their liquidity position by 1,145%

Increasing their cash cushion from $62.2 million to $775 million… 

Or more than enough to survive low oil prices…

Execute their business plan…

And make investors a potential fortune at today’s incredibly low share price.

In fact, if you make only one “rebound” investment, THIS IS IT.

As oil inevitably heads higher, I believe the gains on this single play could be as high as 400%.

I’ll show you exactly how to get the specifics on this investment in a moment.

First, though, let me show my next “buy now” upside pick…

Rocket Pick #2: A Hot New Oil and Gas IPO with the Potential to Hand You 322% Gains 

This oil and gas driller is – by far – one of the best positioned companies I’ve ever seen. 

Not only do they have approximately 46 years of prime drilling inventory, they just IPO’d.

So they didn’t get into trouble in the first place.

That’s a big part of what makes them so attractive.  

Their asset base is so impeccable, lenders are actually INCREASING their line of credit.


They also have 378,000 net acres in two of the hottest plays in the country outside of the Permian…

The Eagle Ford and North Louisiana Shale.

All told they are sitting on 152.5 million barrels of oil equivalent.

That’s worth a massive $7.625 billion at today’s prices…

Or a TINY fraction of their current market cap.

And you can scoop up all the cheap shares you want right now…

Handing you the chance to bank gains on this sleeper as high as 322%.

Now, whether you realize it or not, what I’m sharing with you today represents the chance of a lifetime.

Fact is, our institutional research from the Energy Capital Research Group starts at $20,000 a year.

That’s just for the raw data stream on the oil debt crisis… which you wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of if I put it right in front of you.

After all, it’s not designed for individual investors.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of it.

And don’t worry…

You won’t have to pay anywhere near $20,000 to benefit from it, either.

With this special, one-time opportunity that I've arranged exclusively for you…

You’ll get the benefit of our highest level of research for a tiny, tiny fraction of what we’re asking institutions to pay.

And I’ll do ALL the heavy lifting, too…

Giving you my top insights and trade recommendations based on the same set of raw data we put together for the biggest players.

All I ask is that you give my investment research advisory service Energy Inner Circle a try.

After tracking this situation for the last nine months, I can now tell you without a doubt…

There is an immense fortune to be made right now for those with the courage to take just one small step forward.

When you become a member, I'll be there to guide you every step of the way… 

In fact, here's all you’ll immediately receive with your risk-free trial:

  • URGENT ACTION ALERTS – I send these directly to your inbox so you act on them quickly. These immediate action alerts give you my exact recommendations (including specific "buy" and "sell" instructions) for making money in the energy markets, wherever I find the biggest opportunities.

    These Urgent Trade Alerts are one of the best benefits of my service – where those 100% gains have been coming in every 78 days on average.  

  • WEEKLY MARKET UPDATES – Every week, you'll get my summary of where the global energy markets are now, and where they're headed, plus a brief rundown on emerging trends in the energy markets that you can play for a quick score.

So far, we’ve posted 86 double-digit gains on both open and closed positions this way – including profits of 79%, 87%, 93%, 99%, and dozens more.

  • SPECIAL RESEARCH REPORTS – Released periodically as I write them, these cover especially timely or relevant big-picture themes in the world of energy. Things like new energy trading techniques, emerging trends, or entirely new investment classes I uncover in my work.
  • 24/7 WEB RESOURCE ACCESS – Finally, you’ll get total access to my website, where you’ll find every trade, weekly update, and special report I’ve issued since I launched my service almost six years ago. Plus, whenever you want to check in on our trade recommendations, simply log on and you'll see current prices in our Model Portfolio. That way you always know where we stand with every trade.

The Best Deal You’ll Ever Get

So what’s it worth to get direct access to new opportunities like this long before mainstream investors even realize they exist?

It costs $4,000 to join Energy Inner Circle, and that was without the new supercharged, institutional data research behind it.  

That’s a tiny fraction of the $20,000 big institutional clients will pay for the data behind services like these.

Considering our subscribers could have doubled their money in a different trade every 78 days on average…

And I’m about to send you trade recommendations that have the potential to hand you gains of 400%… 3,625%… 322%… and 4,125%…

That should look like a bargain to you pretty fast.

I’m giving you a discount this deep for one reason:

Special situations like this only come around once – maybe twice – in your entire lifetime.

And I DO NOT want you to miss out on it.

Here’s what makes this a can’t-lose situation for the reader who takes action now.

Like I said, this has happened only once before in the history of energy. 

When it did, it created a slew of new millionaires.

Now it’s happening all over again…

And I believe I can help you profit on this event in a way NOBODY else can.

Because when you have the ability to track real-time numbers from over 45,000 data points… the way I DO

And the expertise to understand EVERY critical detail about EVERY publicly traded oil company, including their true:

  • Revenues…
  • Expenses…
  • Cash flows…
  • Debt schedules…

And every company’s credit picture practically down to the penny…

The analysis I’ve shown you can make you insanely rich.

And if you ACT NOW you can be in position to access the best analysis based on Energy Capital Research Group’s data along with my own critical insight – the value of which cannot be measured…

Giving you the chance turn every $2,500 you invest into $109,845 or more.

Will you be one of them?

In a year's time…

When people are talking about all the money made during the oil slump, will you be celebrating…

Or will you be shaking your head, wishing you'd taken action when you had the chance?

That’s why I’ve gone to great lengths to make sure there’s nothing standing in your way.

Here's what I mean… it’s my…

“Double Your Money” Promise.

Try my hard data research for the next 60 days.

Take advantage of all of the recommendations you like…

Read all of my reports…

Immerse yourself in my research…

And see what you think.

If, after 60 days, you decide that Energy Inner Circle is not for you, for whatever reason, let me know, and I’ll refund your subscription cost.

That way, you risk nothing in signing up.

I’ll even take it one big step further…

If you don’t – at the very least – see the opportunity to DOUBLE your money (or more) every 78 days on average for the next year, just give us a call, and we’ll give you a 100% refund. No questions asked.

I think you'll agree: That's as fair as it gets…

Remember, the four recommendations I just showed you:

  • The first play that could make you as much as 36 times your money…
  • The “Offshore Driller” that could hand you 4,152% gains…
  • The Permian driller set to jump as high as 400%…
  • And the potential 322% gainer in Eagle Ford and North Louisiana Shale…

Are just a small taste of what you’re about to receive.

Over the next 12 months, you’ll get dozens of additional recommendations just like them.

In fact, at this moment I have scores of potential new trades on my trigger list.

They include:

  • An oversold driller in the Utica Shale with a bulletproof balance sheet that could more than double…
  • A fracker with over 62,000 acres in the Eagle Ford and Bakken Shale that’s soon to blow up…
  • And a driller with 200,000 acres in the Eagle Ford Shale now poised to pop as much as 318%.   

Now, just to be clear: I can’t PROMISE what you’ll make exactly in any trade – realistically, I can’t promise that you’ll make anything at all. That’s just the nature of the stock market.

But I CAN promise you this special situation in the oil market has created the greatest opportunity I’ve ever seen.

One that – as I’ve demonstrated – has the potential to turn $2,500 into $109,845…

Or $1,017,420, depending on how much you choose to invest.

Again, there’s no limit on how much you can put into these trades – or how many companies you can use this simple move on.

That’s why I say $109,845 could be a CONSERVATIVE estimate of the profits now at stake.

It’s all up to you.

And as I’ve shown you over… and over… and over again…

You don’t have to be a millionaire to do this.

You just have to be smart

And move fast when I give you the go-ahead.

Like all my trade recommendations, this situation is time-sensitive.

Conditions for these recommendations won’t stay this perfect for long.

So don’t make the mistake of missing out on the first wave of potential profits.

To get started, the button below will take you to the membership form.  

On the next page you can review everything we’ve talked about BEFORE you decide to accept a risk-free, 60-day subscription.

As soon as you decide to give us a try, I’ll immediately send you the details on your first four trades.

As always, everything is yours to keep no matter what you decide. 

But please don’t wait.

When these trades take off, they will accelerate fast.

I’m Dr. Kent Moors.

Thanks for listening today.

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Dr. Kent Moors
Chief Strategist, Energy Inner Circle
May 2017

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