The Billion Dollar Natural Gas Frenzy America Will Miss Out On

One thing emerged clearly during my four days of meetings with the Iranians in Frankfurt last week. There is now enough European support to allow Iran to move forward with some of the biggest natural gas and LNG (liquefied natural gas) projects in a decade. There are still long negotiations ahead, with considerable risk assessment[…]

Why Tensions at Iran’s LNG Summit are Running High

“Trust but verify” is a well-known phrase from the Reagan era, often used by the White House back then when discussing negotiations with the Soviet Union. President Reagan knew he was using a much older Russian proverb – Доверяй, но проверяй (“Doveryai, no proveryai“). Such are the often strange twists in international diplomacy. The past[…]

What Next Week’s Crucial Energy Summit Means for You

We only just landed back in South Florida from Paris. And I’m already preparing to move out again on Sunday, bound for Frankfurt (through Vienna). You’ll be hearing all about the energy meetings I’ll be attending, right here in Oil & Energy Investor. Now, I hope our trip back from Paris is not a harbinger[…]

You’re About to Get the “Inside Scoop” on Global Energy

Energy and national security have always been tightly linked, and never more so than today. That means that my own involvement in global energy sometimes turns rather geopolitical… And as my suddenly packed travel schedule shows, another round of that is about to happen quickly. Early next week I’ll be flying off to Paris, to[…]

OPEC’s Oil Deal has a Surprising Downside… for OPEC

On Monday, Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia’s giant national oil company) confirmed that it would abide by its production cuts under the Vienna Accord, OPEC’s deal to cut oil production. The Saudi commitment is to lower its oil supply by 300,000 barrels a day, and the production action took effect with deliveries this month. This latest[…]

How Trump’s Exxon Pick is Changing Global Oil Markets

Readers of Dr. Kent Moors’ intelligence briefings over at Energy Capital Research Group – an energy data analytics and price forecasting firm co-founded and chaired by Kent – recently saw his piece on how the incoming administrations pick for Secretary of State could shake global oil markets. To get these briefings as soon as Kent[…]

Look How Oil Markets Are Being Manipulated Now

Yesterday, the crude oil rise bandwagon halted after a “surprise” increase in U.S. oil stockpiles. The weekly American Petroleum Institute (API) survey of analysts predicted a crude oil drawdown of as much as 4.1 million barrels. Instead, the official figures from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) showed an unexpected increase of about 2.3 million. That[…]