Russia’s Real Achilles Heel: The Best Way to Cripple the Kremlin

Several members have forwarded on a recent piece entitled “To Deter Putin, How about a Total Ban in Russian Energy?” from Newsweek. It is written by Chris Hartwell and Andreas Umland and had previously appeared on the Atlantic Council website. The authors initially number off the now familiar litany of Russian offenses to international sensibilities[…]

What This Morning’s Billion Dollar “Free Gas” Project Means for You

What happened this morning outside of Pittsburgh has all the earmarks of a new “free gas” opportunity. You see, early this morning, international oil and gas giant Shell announced a huge, multi-billion dollar investment in western Pennsylvania. That’s good news in itself, and will boost the employment (and tax revenue) picture for the entire region.[…]

The Future of Natural Gas, Part II

As I discussed in the last edition of Oil & Energy Insider, this morning I made the keynote address at the Dominion Transport-hosted meeting of natural gas executives in western Pennsylvania. My address comprised my primary take on natural gas prospects and is entitled “Natural Gas Moving Forward: LNG, Hubs, and Pricing Prospects.” As always,[…]

The Future of Natural Gas, Part I

On Thursday morning, I’ll be delivering my major address on the future of natural gas. The occasion is a high-powered meeting hosted by Dominion Transport at the beautiful Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in western Pennsylvania. Attending will be more than 100 leading CEOs and other executives from principal gas production, transmission, distribution, and end using companies.[…]