Germany Just Gave This One Energy Segment a €17 Billion Boost

In an attempt to wean Germany from any dependence on nuclear energy, a few years ago the government of Angela Merkel embarked on a massive project to use renewables – solar and wind power – to usher in a new age of environmentally-friendly power production. The initial results have hardly been what the ministers intended.[…]

Why Alternative Energy Isn’t Taking It on the Chin (Despite Low Oil Prices)

Throughout the recent collapse in oil prices, I’ve been telling my readers about a very unusual development in the energy sector. I say “unusual” because unlike other episodes of falling oil prices, other forms of energy like wind and solar power haven’t followed suit. You see, when oil prices decline, there’s always an inevitable uptick[…]

An Exclusive Look “Behind-Closed-Doors” from the Dungeon at Windsor Castle

One of the hallmarks of our annual energy meeting at Windsor Castle outside London is the Ambassadors’ Briefing, held in the castle dungeon. Yes, the dungeon, though it has been converted into a secure location for “behind-closed-door” sessions. The atmosphere is quite unlike any other place I know. This year, 15 ambassadors and high-commissioners joined[…]

What I Plan to Present To Energy’s Biggest Players at Windsor Castle: Part II

Greetings again from London! The Annual Energy Consultation of the Windsor Energy Group is set to begin at Windsor Castle later this afternoon. Over the course of the next three days, I’ll be briefing some of the  biggest, most influential players in the energy world on three of the most pressing issues of the day.[…]

“Non-Oil” Energy Investment is Exploding

In last Thursday’s issue,I discussed how to invest in oil given today’s fast-changing energy market. Today, I’d like to talk about a range of fantastic new investment opportunities outside of crude. The reason is simple: The big picture in energy will have less and less to do with crude. As I have discussed many times[…]

This “Hydrogen Battery” Might Overcome Energy’s Biggest Roadblock

Hydrogen has always been an intriguing alternative energy source. Pound for pound, it contains almost three times as much energy as natural gas, and when consumed, its only emission is pure, plain water. The problem with this “miracle fuel” has always been the price. The capital expenditures required to transport, store, and deliver hydrogen in[…]