Preparing for the Next Crisis in Washington

The aftermath of the fiscal cliff deal requires some restructuring of energy sector holdings. We are currently in a brief period between crises. Nothing was resolved in the eleventh-hour compromise. There are still three huge fights on the horizon – revisiting the sequestration (automatic spending cuts) portion of the fiscal cliff, spending versus taxation in[…]

All Eyes on Russia as the European Energy Balance Shifts

A massive shift is underway in the energy balance in Europe. And my meetings in Frankfurt and Warsaw last week only further convinced me that this is coming along faster than anyone expected. Domestic movements are accelerating to secure additional unconventional natural gas volume at home (in places like Poland). Other European countries are increasing[…]

Russia Seeks Venture Capital in Pursuit of Arctic Oil and Gas

As I move into the main meetings here in Moscow, something unexpected has paralleled the conversations on oil prices, European pipeline prospects, liquefied natural gas (LNG) trading scenarios, and the prospects of unconventional shale. That something is venture capital funding. The Kremlin developed several venture capital funds with potential state-supported investments amounting to at least[…]